Does Sarah Brown think she is Hilary Clinton?

Interesting question, does the Prime Mentalist’s wife believe that she and Gordon are some sort of political dynasty?

Sarah Brown next leader of the Labour Party

Sarah Brown next leader of the Labour Party

Bill Clinton despite the odd incident with cigars and the infamous blue dress was perceived largely by the US electorate as a reasonably good president. Even with a head start like that Hilary Clinton was never going to be the first female President of the USA, quite simply because of the position her husband held. She is quite frankly always in his shadow as her recent outburst showed when Clinton got the journalists out of North Korea.

Sarah Brown is starting from the “pit lane”; just as Bill Clinton is damaging to Hilary, Gordon Brown and his much lampooned failures in leadership and economics will prove to be something between a dead albatross and a bad smell to any political ambitions Mrs Brown may have.
Despite becoming the new champion of Gay Rights, (she was behind the apology to Alan Turing that Brown recently issued) she faces an uphill struggle to shake off the legacy of Jonah Brown.

As you would expect the build up and eulogising has already started in the reliable left wing propaganda sheet The Guardian

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  1. Brown bleated at, nay dismissed, Cameron for introducing the electorate to his missus & family.
    Loh & behold, who introduces Brown at the last Labour farce -sorry conference- his bloody missus.
    He really is a cretinous hyprocitical pillock isn’t he!

  2. She will be Turning Out again, LOL she is very good Friends with Michelle Omaha, don’t you know

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