Gordon Brown unable to attract leading bankers to meeting in New York

By Tory Aardvark

“Obama swerved no fewer than five requests from Downing Street to hold a bilateral meeting either at the UN in New York or at the G20 summit starting in Pittsburgh today. Obama himself was in New York to deliver a speech to the UN. Brown’s own speech to the UN was delivered to a half-empty auditorium.” writes Guido in bis blog.


The repeated snubs of Gordon Brown by Barack Obama have been reported widely, denied and finally had cold water poured on them by Downing Street.

Rumours are circulating that Obama and Brown have already had a wide ranging discussion, in the kitchen at the UN.

The real humiliation of Brown takes place later on at specially convened meeting of bankers.

Picture the scene the lights go dim, the dry ice starts to smoke and Gordon Brown emerges to the strains of David Bowie’s the Man Who Saved The World.
Taking his place on the podium Brown looks at his audience and sees one heavy weight US banker, everyone else present are US representatives of UK banks.

“That compares poorly to the two previous such meetings the Prime Minister has hosted in the city during the credit crisis, when big names including star hedge fund manager George Soros and JP Morgan Chase chairman Jamie Dimon showed up.” writes James Quinn in The Telegraph

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  1. Got to say i have just seen the news, and after Omaha patted Brown, he honestly looked like a puppy following its Master.
    Instead of a tail wagging Browns ears where flapping, and his tongue was lolling from side to side.
    Most pathetic stunt i have ever seen Brown do.

    Thankfully Obama saw what he was up to and leg it, i think he would have shook hands with Ammadinner jacket just to get away from him

  2. Sorry for double post. Something weird going on yesterday!

  3. Obama’s meeting and “scolding” of the bankers…just political theatre to assuage or placate us. In the meantime, the banks are coming back stronger…more of a threat…
    See: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/obamas-meeting-with-the-top-bankers-show-whos-on-top-again/

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