Baroness Scotland, The Illegal Worker and Max Clifford

By Tory Aardvark

The legs are definitely picking up speed with the arrival of publicist Max Clifford on the scene, which is likely to be the portent of more very bad news for the Attorney General, Gordon Brown and his devalued and intellectually bankrupt government.

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

The story goes that Tapui’s agent Max Clifford is negotiating to sell her story to a Sunday Newspaper and that his clients account of events are substantially different to the version of events recounted by the Attorney General.

“If Miss Tapui directly contradicts key elements of Lady Scotland’s version of events, it will make the minister’s position untenable.” from Jason Groves and Dan Newling in The Mail Online

This new scandal for Brown’s beleagured government is already overshadowing the Labour Party Conference, and that’s even before the Sunday Papers hit the streets, what will happen Sunday morning?

Gordon Brown has no one but himself to blame for yet another crisis of his own making. Had the Prime Mentalist acted decisively and shown leadership he would have sacked the Attorney General, but as usual he misjudged the whole situation. Even when the Attorney General’s PPS Stephen Hesford resigned, Brown did nothing but offer support for the Baroness.

Really the only question now is how long will the Attorney General survive?

My money is still on Monday, but Sunday must surely be a possibility

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