Not Many Takers for Gordon Brown’s Last Supper

By Tory Aardvark

The Prime Minster returns from being snubbed by President Obama to his party Conference in Brighton; a conference overshadowed by the ongoing storm over the Attorney General.
The lid is likely to blow on this tomorrow morning or later tonight when, if Max Clifford is correct, the cleaners version of the story will be published in a Sunday Newspaper.
Max Clifford says the two versions are substantially different, the Conservatives are asking for the enquiry to be reopended if indeed there are multiple versions of the story.

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

This is the last Labour Party Conference before the General Election, and the all the signs of an impending disaster and PR embarassment are on the cards.
This year for what will effectively be Brown’s last supper, the Labour Party have booked a venue for the dinner with 800 seats, but have so far sold just 330 seats; for any Labour readers we know how you hate numbers, it is 41.25% of seats sold.

With at least 67 (20%) of Labour MP’s standing down, and more than few not actually going to the conference at all, Labour could be well on the way to it’s very own Greek tradegy in Brighton.

“We are simultaneously staring over the abyss and at our navels,” said Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North more from Ian Johnston in The Telegraph

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  1. Dave1fromBlackburn

    LOVE the SITE!
    SLY decided to ban me, probably a silly little girl actually.
    Anyway, the article clearly shows that LIE-BORE are going to get well & truly battered very very soon.
    I hope that ALL supporters of this BLOG have a HUGE party next year!

  2. We are planning a major party, provisionally about 8th May 2010 followed by a funeral for the Labour party followed by a rapid cremation

  3. Do the Labour party members have to be dead before said cremation?

  4. Who is playing Judas, Could it be the Darkest of the Dark, A man with no scruples. A Man who said in th NOTW, that, if asked he would join a Conservative Cabinet should they win the election.

  5. Well done to the Edi-tories. Superb work – and uncensored – hat tipped to all.

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