Baroness Scotland and the illegal worker – two different stories

By Tory Aardvark

Looks like Max Clifford has found the smoking gun and The Mail online has it on public display.
We still believe the Baroness will be toast on Monday when the Labour Conference starts for real.

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

Tomorrow will be much hand wringing and further denials and acts of good faith will be described, but the writing must surely be on the wall now.

Cleaner got job in ten-minute interview with ‘no questions about whether she was eligible to work in the UK’

The Attorney General’s housekeeper ‘didn’t have ANY of the 6 documents that entitled her to work in Britain’

She had already been working here illegally for four years

She was paid just £6 an hour – 33 per cent below the going rate in London and just 27p above the national minimum wage

Full and very detailed story by Simon Walters, Elizabeth Sanderson and Daniel Boffey in The Mail Online

Downing Street are still insisting that the Baroness was vindicated in UK Border Agency Investigation.

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  1. The blindingly obvious point people are missing out on here is the institutional racism of the socialists. This ‘Baroness’ woman got her job because of the colour of her skin – pure and simple.

    She then goes onto employ another black woman – an illegal immigrant at that. Bearing in mind that about 92% of the population of the UK are still the indigenous white natives (contrary to what the BBC would like you to believe) then you do the maths on the chances of fairly employing another black woman….

    Then, check out the BBC’s clever scam on Strictly Come Dancing…all that furore over ‘ageism’ – well, you’ve been had! Look at the panel before and after – previously it was all people with some actual expertise in the subject – unfortunately as far as the BBC view it (but perfectly correctly if you check the stats above) they were all white people.

    So, the good old New Labour Propaganda Ministry (i.e. the BBC) had to correct this sorry state of affairs by handing a job to someone non-white. Bit obvious even for the BBC, so they cunningly pretended it was an ageism issue…
    Yeah, right!

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