Jacqui Smith – It’s not looking good

By Tory Aardvark

Storm clouds are gathering on the event horizon for former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Smith while Home Secretary caused deep public anger about her living arrangements and the rented room at her sisters house that was her “main home”, and then iced the cake by claiming for two porno movies watched by her husband. The Smiths and the Harmans are friends, one can only wonder if Mr Smith was welcome in Ms Harman’s home after the porn movies scandal.

With the quiet of the summer recess many of the MP’s must have thought that the expenses scandal would go away, but despite the promotion of the former Standards and Privileges Committee’s chairman Sir George Young to the Conservative Front Bench, the committee is still functioning and last Wednesday met to discuss Smith’s fate.

The rumours circulating in Westminster are that it’s unlikely to be anything but bad news, as the only thing members of the committee will say regarding Smith is “No Comment”

Interesting enough the pro Labour team of Adam Boulton at Sky News are campainging to have former Labour Minister Chris Mullen parachuted in, but the story goes the next Chairman will be a Conservative MP. Probably explains the pro Labour censorship on the Sky News discussion site.

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  1. A Toppermost Post.
    Even though we don’t know who posted it..

  2. If there is one I would want to go down for there troughing is would be her.

  3. Very drole HJ

    A Craigicus sufferer said this site is obscence, he of the failed predictions to be precise πŸ˜€

  4. I almost misread what you posted there.
    My Bad! 😦

  5. That’s better πŸ™‚

    yeh, they still have a fair share of loons there don’t we?

    Hat tipped for an excellent 1st week!

    Oh..& MANY thanks to all who take the trouble to visit this site & add comments when they see fit.

    Don’t forget..THIS IS YOUR SITE TOO!!!

  6. Change is Coming

    A very good week and well worth the visit. Well done Editories.

  7. your kind comments are appreciated.
    I presume that you, too, will continue to enjoy this boid free site?
    Amazing that certain boids (on SLY) are now trying to dictate which blogsites we post on!
    If only they knew the truth…..

  8. Hope we got a special lampost reserved just for this witch. Just the sight of her makes me feel ill

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