The Baroness, UKBA and the alleged 2nd Passport

By Tory Aardvark

The story continues with news that the passport found at the cleaner’s flat had expired some time before she went to work for the Attorney General, so either the Baroness was shown a second passport, or she never peformed the checks required by the law she piloted on to the statute books.

So far no evidence has been uncovered that supports the Attorney General’s story, which potentially leads to some interesting questions that the UK border agency will want answered.


“Consider the implications: if, as Lolo claims, she did not have a second passport it would mean that for the Baroness to be telling the truth, Lolo would have had to presented her with a false forged passport. Forged passports do not come cheap, demand from drug traffickers, terrorists and other criminals ensures that the black market in passports commands high prices. How would a cleaner applying for a £6 per hour job afford to obtain a forged passport? If Lolo is telling the truth than the Baroness has possibly lied to investigators from the UK Border Agency.” more from Guido

Last week saw the rules on expenses changed to get Patricia Scotland off the hook, can Brown change the law to save her, or will she indeed be toast tomorrow?

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