Gordon Brown’s Speech at the Labour Party Conference

By Tory Aardvark

Today we took part in Guido’s live blog during the Prime Mentalist’s speech.

The Warm Up Act

The Warm Up Act

From the sickening strains of James’s Sit Down Next To Me to Sarah Browns warm up for the main act, it was all boring, contrived and no one really believed  in what was being said.

The Non Event

The Non Event

On  queue the party faithful stood up and clapped, although they fell short of Mexican wave.

Much will be written about this speech but in reality it contained nothing except promises Brown will never have to keep and the pathetic attempt to smear Tory toffs, all in all Brown’s goose is done to a turn.

Iain Dale thinks Brown’s Speech: Good But Not Good Enough

A blow by blow account of Brown’s Speech from Conservative Home

Latest update from Guido Labour’s Election Slogan : “Gulags for Slags”

*** UPDATE***

A massive hat tip to the Speccie for this

Rewind back to Sept 2008…..or is it actually today?

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  1. Cheers for the round up mate. Will check out your lice blogging after work 😉

  2. Live blogging even, sorry

  3. Watching Andrew O’neil interveiwing The most distrusted politition ever……. ,,,, Oneil asked him why should we trust a PM who right up to the summer recess said its Tory Cuts and Labour investment. Lord Mandelson said we should judge the PM on todays speech was’nt it wonderful. Not only should we Airbrush out the Last 12 years of Labour, but now any thing Brown has ever said upto today. Are these people in Brighton for real.

  4. In summary, Gordon Brown appeared to be smugly congratulating himself for his accomplishments…what accomplishments?
    At a time when the electorate is sick to the back teeth of the mess created by this government, I personally think that his speech will infuriate most voters. A simple apology would have been far more effective!
    Loving the site bythe way Aard!

  5. wasn’t Mrs B’s teary bit so convincing!
    I’n sure that any red blooded woman would be upset, waking up to that wendy for 9 years!

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