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Jack Straw “Campaign against Baroness Scotland is Sexist”

By Tory Aardvark

In possibly the most stupid and ridiculous statement since the massive coming together and cover up started, Justice Secretary Jack Straw said the campaign against Baroness Scotland was sexist.

No Jack it’s not sexist, it’s just people dont like law makers who break their own laws, expenses troughers who have rules changed so that they have not wrongly claimed £170,000 of tax payers money and then lie to the UKBA about which documents they have seen, or not seen.

The sooner Baroness Scotland, Jack Straw and the rest of this intellectually and morally bankrupt government are gone the better.

What if they held a conference and no one came

By Tory Aardvark

Gordon Brown gets the support of Labour believers

Gordon Brown gets the support of Labour believers

They say a picture is worth a thousand words: the Labour Party Conference today just as Brown finished speaking, this follows on the heels of his speech to US bankers last week that no one turned up to

The Baroness, UKBA and the alleged 2nd Passport

By Tory Aardvark

The story continues with news that the passport found at the cleaner’s flat had expired some time before she went to work for the Attorney General, so either the Baroness was shown a second passport, or she never peformed the checks required by the law she piloted on to the statute books.

So far no evidence has been uncovered that supports the Attorney General’s story, which potentially leads to some interesting questions that the UK border agency will want answered.


“Consider the implications: if, as Lolo claims, she did not have a second passport it would mean that for the Baroness to be telling the truth, Lolo would have had to presented her with a false forged passport. Forged passports do not come cheap, demand from drug traffickers, terrorists and other criminals ensures that the black market in passports commands high prices. How would a cleaner applying for a £6 per hour job afford to obtain a forged passport? If Lolo is telling the truth than the Baroness has possibly lied to investigators from the UK Border Agency.” more from Guido

Last week saw the rules on expenses changed to get Patricia Scotland off the hook, can Brown change the law to save her, or will she indeed be toast tomorrow?

Are there no lengths Brown will not go to save Patricia Scotland?

By Tory Aardvark

Once again with an outstanding display of underhand dealing Gordon Brown’s Labour goverment executed one of it’s now infamous U turns to prevent the Attorney General from breaking the rules on expenses. Not only is the Attorney General above her own laws, there is now a dedicated troughers charter for her.

Attorney General is Toast?

Attorney General is Toast?

“BARONESS SCOTLAND was saved from facing questions about her expenses last week by a swift government U-turn that at a stroke changed its policy on allowances.”

“the Cabinet Office could not have been more clear that Scotland should have received the allowance only if her main home was outside the capital.”

“However, less than 24 hours after the article was published, Baroness Royall, the leader of the Lords, sanctioned a statement by the Cabinet Office which overturned all its previous advice. It said the allowance was available to all lords who serve as ministers, regardless of where they live.”

More from Jonathan Calvert and Claire Newell in the Times Online

There is more to come on the Baroness  story later on today…….

Jacqui Smith – It’s not looking good

By Tory Aardvark

Storm clouds are gathering on the event horizon for former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Jacqui Smith disgraced former Home Secretary

Smith while Home Secretary caused deep public anger about her living arrangements and the rented room at her sisters house that was her “main home”, and then iced the cake by claiming for two porno movies watched by her husband. The Smiths and the Harmans are friends, one can only wonder if Mr Smith was welcome in Ms Harman’s home after the porn movies scandal.

With the quiet of the summer recess many of the MP’s must have thought that the expenses scandal would go away, but despite the promotion of the former Standards and Privileges Committee’s chairman Sir George Young to the Conservative Front Bench, the committee is still functioning and last Wednesday met to discuss Smith’s fate.

The rumours circulating in Westminster are that it’s unlikely to be anything but bad news, as the only thing members of the committee will say regarding Smith is “No Comment”

Interesting enough the pro Labour team of Adam Boulton at Sky News are campainging to have former Labour Minister Chris Mullen parachuted in, but the story goes the next Chairman will be a Conservative MP. Probably explains the pro Labour censorship on the Sky News discussion site.

Baroness Scotland and the illegal worker – two different stories

By Tory Aardvark

Looks like Max Clifford has found the smoking gun and The Mail online has it on public display.
We still believe the Baroness will be toast on Monday when the Labour Conference starts for real.

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

The Illegal Worker and The Attorney General

Tomorrow will be much hand wringing and further denials and acts of good faith will be described, but the writing must surely be on the wall now.

Cleaner got job in ten-minute interview with ‘no questions about whether she was eligible to work in the UK’

The Attorney General’s housekeeper ‘didn’t have ANY of the 6 documents that entitled her to work in Britain’

She had already been working here illegally for four years

She was paid just £6 an hour – 33 per cent below the going rate in London and just 27p above the national minimum wage

Full and very detailed story by Simon Walters, Elizabeth Sanderson and Daniel Boffey in The Mail Online

Downing Street are still insisting that the Baroness was vindicated in UK Border Agency Investigation.

Not Many Takers for Gordon Brown’s Last Supper

By Tory Aardvark

The Prime Minster returns from being snubbed by President Obama to his party Conference in Brighton; a conference overshadowed by the ongoing storm over the Attorney General.
The lid is likely to blow on this tomorrow morning or later tonight when, if Max Clifford is correct, the cleaners version of the story will be published in a Sunday Newspaper.
Max Clifford says the two versions are substantially different, the Conservatives are asking for the enquiry to be reopended if indeed there are multiple versions of the story.

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

Somewhere a village is missing its.....

This is the last Labour Party Conference before the General Election, and the all the signs of an impending disaster and PR embarassment are on the cards.
This year for what will effectively be Brown’s last supper, the Labour Party have booked a venue for the dinner with 800 seats, but have so far sold just 330 seats; for any Labour readers we know how you hate numbers, it is 41.25% of seats sold.

With at least 67 (20%) of Labour MP’s standing down, and more than few not actually going to the conference at all, Labour could be well on the way to it’s very own Greek tradegy in Brighton.

“We are simultaneously staring over the abyss and at our navels,” said Stephen Pound, MP for Ealing North more from Ian Johnston in The Telegraph

David Cameron – “Something to think about during Gordon’s Speech”

By Tory Aardvark

David Cameron had this to say today:  “From Bournemouth to Brighton, the conference season rolls on. Next week, the Labour Party will meet for its annual conference. I expect Gordon Brown’s speech will be stuffed full of statistics about how he’s saving the world. But here are the facts which really matter in Britain today.

This country is in the worst mess it’s been in for a generation. Unemployment is rising and youth unemployment is at its highest level since records began. Violent crime has increased by 70 per cent under Labour and there are more than 100 serious knife crimes every day. The poor are getting poorer, social mobility has stalled, and four in ten children are leaving primary school unable to read, write and add up properly.”

David Cameron

David Cameron

And while all this is happening, the Government is borrowing money at a rate of around £6,000 every second. That’s something to think about when Gordon Brown delivers his speech. Last year, Gordon’s conference speech lasted 58 minutes. If he speaks for as long this year, we’ll have wracked up about another £20 million of debt in the same time.

These are the facts and this is the record of twelve years of spin, irresponsibility and top-down state control. And increasingly, it’s clear: if you want to see a real long-term plan for change in this country, and a Party with the guts and the determination to see this crisis through, you’ll have to wait for our conference in Manchester in two week’s time.

Another £20,ooo,ooo further in debt while Brown lies and spins.

Baroness Scotland, The Illegal Worker and Max Clifford

By Tory Aardvark

The legs are definitely picking up speed with the arrival of publicist Max Clifford on the scene, which is likely to be the portent of more very bad news for the Attorney General, Gordon Brown and his devalued and intellectually bankrupt government.

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

Baroness Scotland and her nemisis

The story goes that Tapui’s agent Max Clifford is negotiating to sell her story to a Sunday Newspaper and that his clients account of events are substantially different to the version of events recounted by the Attorney General.

“If Miss Tapui directly contradicts key elements of Lady Scotland’s version of events, it will make the minister’s position untenable.” from Jason Groves and Dan Newling in The Mail Online

This new scandal for Brown’s beleagured government is already overshadowing the Labour Party Conference, and that’s even before the Sunday Papers hit the streets, what will happen Sunday morning?

Gordon Brown has no one but himself to blame for yet another crisis of his own making. Had the Prime Mentalist acted decisively and shown leadership he would have sacked the Attorney General, but as usual he misjudged the whole situation. Even when the Attorney General’s PPS Stephen Hesford resigned, Brown did nothing but offer support for the Baroness.

Really the only question now is how long will the Attorney General survive?

My money is still on Monday, but Sunday must surely be a possibility

Read the LATEST here

Lest we forget – The Cabinets Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

With all the other political news perhaps it is time to remember the Expenses Scandal and the troughing done by Cabinet Ministers

Relive the excesses at our expense of senior Labour Ministers courtesy of the The Telegraph