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Talk of a revival is fantasy. With Brown, Labour is toast

By Tory Aardvark

Words from the The Telegraph? The Daily Mail? The Sun? The Times? No The Guardian, long time Labour propaganda broadsheet.

“Gordon Brown spent a decade telling anyone who was willing to listen that when he became Labour leader, things would be different and better. A lot of people believed him. More than two years after Brown finally got his way, it is obvious that he was just wrong”

“The one predictable thing about domestic politics is that every week brings fresh grist to the mill of Labour decline under Brown. This week it has been Baroness Scotland’s illegal home help”

“Labour people do not like facing facts, especially inconvenient ones,” the whole country knows that!

“In 1983, when Michael Foot led Labour to its previous worst ever electoral result of 28%, it was just possible to perceive a road back for the party that was based on something other than faith”

“A result in the low 20s, or even worse, is by no means inconceivable. After all, the ICM poll also showed that a third of Labour’s current support is thinking of switching sides before the general election. If all of them switched, Labour would be on 18%”

Read the whole story of woe and misery in full at The Guardian

This cant be good news for the Prime Mentalist as the Labour Party conference is about to start, what will actually take place during the conference is anyone’s guess, but once thing is for sure it’s going to be very interesting

Tory Aardvark is a week old!

We are a week old!

To the 1650+ people who have visited and those that come back regularly and post comments a very BIG THANK YOU 😀

The team at ToryA, blog as hobby, in snatched moments between work or in the evenings and other times when we feel the urge to comment, we also blog on other public discussion sites as normal posters.

The name of the blog is a bit of a give away as to our political affiliations but we do welcome people of any political parties who want a proper discusson and not indulge the lies and smears approach we have been subjected to on other blog sites.

We endevaour to collect as many links to stories as possible and provide a slightly different insite and style to other blogs, while providing as complete as possible information source to allow the reader to form their own opinions.

We are very flattered that on a couple of blogs we have across people posting that the story needs an “Aardvark Sniffing”

That got us thinking, why not do requests on stories that other blogs are censoring like Baroness Scotland?

If you think that is a good idea that we will put up a permanent page that you can post requests on, we dont promise to do all of them, but as long as they are political in content and only deal with political aspects of topics then you are in with a good chance. Let us know by commenting on this thread.

The Tory Aardvark Team

Attorney General’s Illegal Cleaner Arrested

It just wont go away, hardly a day passes and the story keeps running and running.
As Edmund Blackadder would say “More legs than a leggy thing”

“Attorney General’s Illegal Cleaner Arrested” on the Sky News Web Site

The real meat of the latest developments in the story are from Loloahi Tapui, the illegal immigrant and worker who is poised to reveal exactly what she told the Attorney General regarding her immigration status.

“Did Baroness tell the truth? Housekeeper ‘denies showing Attorney General her passport” in the Mail Online

Yesterday I predicted Patricia Scotland would be toast on Monday, today I’m going out to buy Lurpak and some nice thick cut marmelade.

Toasted Baroness anyone?

At the time of writing this news is 20 mintues old

The Story behind The Telegraph and the MP’s Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

The biggest political story since Watergate?
Possibly but the major coup by The Telegraph on the MP’s expenses scandal is now turning into a fascinating story in its own right.

A book Called No Expenses Spared is published tomorrow.

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

“How soldiers’ fury helped lead the Telegraph to its great exclusive” from Telegraph Blogs Editor Damian Thompson

Brown, various defence ministers and Brown’s government have sold the armed forces short, and it is widely recognised that the Government have broken the military covenant.

From cutting the defence budget while we were fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to lying to the country about the equipment our brave soldiers have, Brown and his shower have behaved shamefully.
When the Generals spoke out, they were subjected to the very best lies and smear campaign from the blueprint of Draper, Collins and McBride.
The storm that followed this finally forced “Working Class” Bob Ainsworth to order his weasles to stop smearing General Dannatt, this however did not stop Gordon Brown from personally blocking the Generals promotion to Chief of the Defence Staff. The country has lost a very capable and respected officer because of the vanity of Gordon Brown and his Labour Government, the armed forces a respected and skilled champion.

Aardvark believes in Karma, and in The Telegraph “MPs’ expenses details were leaked by a mole who was angry about the Government’s failure to properly equip Britain’s armed forces while politicians spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on themselves.” by the authors of the book is proof that what went around came back.

Gordon Brown unable to attract leading bankers to meeting in New York

By Tory Aardvark

“Obama swerved no fewer than five requests from Downing Street to hold a bilateral meeting either at the UN in New York or at the G20 summit starting in Pittsburgh today. Obama himself was in New York to deliver a speech to the UN. Brown’s own speech to the UN was delivered to a half-empty auditorium.” writes Guido in bis blog.


The repeated snubs of Gordon Brown by Barack Obama have been reported widely, denied and finally had cold water poured on them by Downing Street.

Rumours are circulating that Obama and Brown have already had a wide ranging discussion, in the kitchen at the UN.

The real humiliation of Brown takes place later on at specially convened meeting of bankers.

Picture the scene the lights go dim, the dry ice starts to smoke and Gordon Brown emerges to the strains of David Bowie’s the Man Who Saved The World.
Taking his place on the podium Brown looks at his audience and sees one heavy weight US banker, everyone else present are US representatives of UK banks.

“That compares poorly to the two previous such meetings the Prime Minister has hosted in the city during the credit crisis, when big names including star hedge fund manager George Soros and JP Morgan Chase chairman Jamie Dimon showed up.” writes James Quinn in The Telegraph

Gordon Brown turns to Middle England to try revive Labour’s election hopes

By Tory Aardvark

Firstly one giant hat tip to WMBH for bringing this one to our attention.
Largely speechless here, before the hysterical laughter set in, then a period of disbelief, before further Chimay lubricated the laughter again.
Then a bad dose of writers block, it just seems so improbable, unlikely, desperate than he would have the bare two-faced cheek to actually believe this would be a credible message or appeal to the so called “Middle England”

Unbelievable, Gordon Brown the new champion of the middle class. the underdog, the immigrant, the bunny botherer and the anti car mob.
A Man for All Seasons (which ended badly) or the political Jack of All Trades, and master of none?
Or more likely a cynical attempt by an increasingly desperate politician to hang on to power.

Using the now non credible Labour weapon of the relaunch, Cyclops today relaunched New Labour.

Brown says “It is precisely because I care about the squeezed middle that I have promoted mortgage support, childcare subsidies and tax credits, making Britain’s mainstream majority — and their values of fairness, responsibility and accountability — Labour’s No 1 priority. Because it is not just the poor and the vulnerable who want the security of decent public service, it is the middle class, too.”
full story Philip Webster in The Times

Best comment on the story
lance notalot wrote:
Unbelievable. In both senses.

Could not agree more lance.

The Baroness, The Prime Mentalist and the lack of leadership

By Tory Aardvark

Baroness Scotland and her illegal worker is one story that shows no sign of going away.

Once again Gordon Brown has shown poor political judgement and an ever weakening of his strength as the Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party.

All the signs are that the Prime Minister has lost touch with the voters, and most importantly their mood. Following his half hearted and bungled attempt to clean up the troughing scandal, if you remember the PM was not actually in the HoC for the vote; all talk of cleaning up the expenses system has ceased as Brown staggers from one crisis to another.

The Radio 5 Live show was an absolute classic Brown performance, to one irate listener who let rip about his decision not to sack the Attorney General, Brown said “I understand you mood about this…” which can be roughly translated to “piss off and stop bothering me you mere pleb” followed by the classic “I have to be fair to the people concerned” which can also be translated as “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

Brown only found out that Stephen Hesford had resigned on the same show.

Time and time again Brown has been criticised for lack of political awareness, and the unerring ability he has to always put himself between a rock and a hard place. The normal sequence for a U turn is Brown stands by you, The Daily Mail runs a campaign and five days later Brown fires you. So by my reckoning the Baroness is toast on Monday.

Charles Clark while being slowly tortured by Paxman on Newsnight tonight admitted that the ever increasing tide of PPS resignations were indicative of weak leadership, and more interestingly the Labour was not trusted by the country anymore.

Aardvark has learnt tonight that Stephen Hesford is defending a majority of 1,000 and after a somewhat expansive earlier blog about honesty and integrity keeps having the words rat, sinking, leave, ship whirling round in his head, but he  cant quite arrange them into a popular phrase, yet.

Baroness Scotland Aide Stephen Hesford Steps Down

Someone in the Labour Party with honour and integrity, never thought those words would appear in the same sentence.

Baroness Scotland make a trivial mistake

Baroness Scotland made a trivial mistake

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Wirral West MP Stephen Hesford said: “My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.” reports Sky News

Stephen Hesford MP

Stephen Hesford MP

Mr Hesford’s resignation letter reads:
‘Whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.
In my view the facts of the case do not matter. It is the principle which counts, particularly at a time when the publics’ trust of Whitehall is uncertain to say the least.’

It seems the first the Prime Mentalist heard of the resignation was live on Radio 5, nothing like keeping your boss in the loop.
Hesford hurls grenade at Gordon Live on Five says Guido

Baroness Scotland – How much longer will the “Patrician” last?

More shameful and arrogant behaviour from the Labour oligarchy. When was the last time anyone was fined £5000 for a parking ticket or falling to pay the congestion charge?

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

With his usual display of leadership Brown scuttled off to the United Nations to give our nuclear deterrent away, but not before giving the Baroness his support; followed by several ministers all singing from the same hymn sheet. One is left wondering if the farmer fined the other day under the same law can expect the same support for his mistake, probably not.
Then Baroness made the case for the law and steered it through Parliament, she patently does not understand her law fully, or was careless or neglient in her discharge of that duty.
If the Attorney General does not understand the law, then how can any penalties issued under that law be safe?

“Baroness Scotland provoked outrage last night after comparing her breach of immigration law with a minor motoring offence.”
writes James Chapman in The Mail

Meanwhile in The Telegraph Rosa Prince, John Bingham and Jon Swaine report “Baroness Scotland urged to quit by ministers”

Her aide Stephen Hesford has stood down saying
“My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.”..

MORE to follow!

Tory Bears Message to Baroness Scotland

Take the hint