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LABOUR’s Neo Nazi Attack Falls Apart…Part 2

By Tory Aardvark

Since Hugh’s post this little gem has appeared on Gudio’s site

Tony Blair told his dinner guests, now smeared by David Miliband and other Labour politicians as homophobes and neo-Nazis, that

First of all can I welcome the new Prime Minister of Poland here very warmly indeed and say we are delighted to see you here in Downing Street… The relationship between Poland and Britain (is) a very strong relationship founded on a shared history and also shared values and this close co-operation lives on today through the work we are doing in the European Union together.

Updated… Hague’s article in the Mail clearly demonstrates just why Millichump is unfit to be Foreign Secretary, of …well…anywhere.


The EU Emissions Trading Scheme – The Real Cost To Britain

By Tory Aardvark


Hidden away in the bureaucracy of the European Union is the Emissions Trading Scheme, a well kept secret from us.

This well kept secret is costing us £3 billion pounds per year, that’s about £117 per household on our energy bills.

When the cost of the trading scheme is added to the Renewables Obligation then the average cost on each eclectricy bill is 14% of the total.

The cost falls disproportionaly on the elderly and business, both large users of electricity, both can ill afford increased costs in the current recession.

For all that, it is pretty ineffective at cutting emissions. Prominent environmentalists and energy companies have called for a floor on the price, as it keeps collapsing. That would bring into question the whole point of the trading scheme. The volatility of the price both makes it that bit harder for families and businesses to manage their budgets and weakens the incentive to invest in cutting emissions.

Friday’s Things You Might Have Missed

By Tory Aardvark

Here is an Eclectic collection of articles and blog posts that you might have missed in the last couple of days

Gordon Brown Halloween Caption Competition on Guido’s site

David Miliband’s top banana moment leaves way clear for Ed in The Telegraph

Lipstick on a Pig Edition from The Daily Politics clips of Jacqui Smith on last night’s QT

Effigy of Gordon Brown to be torched on Bonfire Night from The Rippon Gazette

Why Blair and Mrs Blair Want The Presidency from Old Rightie

Has Jacqui Smith Re-Invented Herself As Hyacinth Bucket

By Tory Aardvark

Question Time this week was a lot more entertaining than last week for Aardvark because Jacqui Smith was on the show, and if there is one political thing Aardvark enjoys, it’s watching the Redditch Saddleback squirm whenever the topic of her expenses is raised.
When the show started it looked like Hyacinth Bucket had been a last minute substitution for the former Home Secretary,


New look Jacqui Smith

then Hyacinth spoke and the dawn of realisation hit, it’s Jacqui Smith.

A few days earlier we picked up a Tweet that Smith was going to be on the program in SMS (Save My Seat) mode, and indeed Jacqui was seat saving like there was no tomorrow, which for her political career is probably true.

For Jacqui Smith Mark 2 the socialist progressive teacher look is gone, now we have the Hinge and Bracket music teacher look, black sober and with a pearl necklace.

Was tonight’s performance the usual lacklustre affair that we have come to expect from Smith? Read the rest of this entry

Hazel Blears vs Nadine Dorries

By Tory Aardvark

Disgraced former Communities Minister Hazel Blears on those nasty right wing bloggers, Smeargate and Labour Policy.

Somewhat conspicuous by her absence from public life since she a had spot of “car trouble” Blears gets nicely bitch slapped by Nadine.

Yet Another Black Thursday For Gordon Brown

By Tory Aardvark

Is there such as thing as a good day for the Prime Mentalist anymore? If indeed such a thing still exists then Thursday 29th October 2009 certainly is not a good day.

Firstly the news from the USA that their economy is out of recession and like Germany, Obama’s fiscal stimulus package includes Tax Cuts not endless tax rises disguised as Green measures or blatant politics of envy like the 50% tax rate.

The man who ended “Boom and Bust” and derided Shadow Chancellor George Osborne got it spectacularly wrong. This country was indeed uniquely placed, uniquely placed to be totally screwed for a least a generation by the biggest financial incompetent since Gerald Ratner.

Sadly every Conservative blogger who said Brown’s fiscal policies were insane has been proved totally correct, the country is going to suffer for a generation because of a wannabe second rate mental midget.

The news today that Nadine Dorries will receive damages from Damain McBride reflects badly on Brown, and the news that there are two other suits outstanding. The one  against 10 Downing Street could turn out to be the most damaging because Gus O’Donnell the head of the civil service was McBride’s employer and the emails were sent from McBride’s desk, from a government computer during working hours.

Meanwhile Brown has donned his cloaking device and is nowhere to be seen.

Nadine Dorries Receives Substantial Damages Payment From Damian McBride

By Tory Aardvark

Lies and Smears are the creed of the regime run by Gordon Brown and best personified by the odious creep Damian McBride. McBride, Derek Draper (Mr Kate Garraway) and then Labour Party Secretary Ray Collins orchestrated a campaign of lies and smears against any one who dared challenge the omnipotence of Dear Leader, McBride was himself hired by Gordon Brown as his attack dog. No one was safe from these three who give pond life a bad name.


Nadine Dorries MP smeared by McBride

Aardvark is not going to repeat McBride’s  lies and smears except to say that Read the rest of this entry

Labour MP Tony McNulty Rebuked By The Committee on Standards and Privileges

By Tory Aardvark


Another shamed trougher Tony McNulty

The same Committee on Standards and Privileges that recently white washed the Redditch Saddleback of nearly £100k’s worth of dubious second home expenses has in a possible one off judgement, actually found a Labour MP guilty and told him to payback £13,837. Aardvark is left wondering what Jacqui Smith has that Tony McNulty does not.

The Parliementary Commisioner John Lyon upheld a complaint that McNulty, Read the rest of this entry

MP’s Wont Give Up Their Expenses With Out A Fight

By Tory Aardvark

First Sir Thomas Legg, now Sir Christopher Kelly and our elected representatives are up in arms about their expenses again. Any superficial contrition about the shameful grasping way they ran their expenses system is long gone as they show their true colours when any reform of the system is attempted.

Party leaders are desperate to stop the report by the chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life from reaching the floor of the House of Commons in case it is voted down. They have agreed with the main proposals and will leave it to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to implement, with the changes coming in after the general election.

MP’s are unhappy about the way the voting public perceive them, yet every time they are given a chance to clean their act up they fail miserably to do so.

Shame there is not an Olympic event for foot shooting as we have a pool of 642 potential Gold Medallists for  the event.

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