Labour they just cant help themselves

By Tory Aardvark

Over the last two days we have reported extensively on the possible “glorious return” of Damian McBride, followed by a smear on George Osborne by Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman and then later on where Harman smears and lies in an approved Labour Party recruitment email linking the Conservatives and the BNP

Latest Labour Heavyweight to enter the lies and smears game is David Milliband, who gave his speech to a largely empty as usual conference hall.
The Foreign Secretary spouted this smear “Last week on the BBC, and you should go through the transcript, Eric Pickles, the Chairman of the Conservative Party, explained without a hint of shame that we should not condemn one of their new allies, the ‘For Fatherland and Freedom’ party, who every year celebrate the Latvian Waffen SS with a march past of SS veterans, because they were only following orders.

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hauge had this to say “David Miliband’s smears are disgraceful and represent a failure of his duty to promote Britain’s interests as Foreign Secretary. He has failed to check his facts. He has just insulted the Latvian Government, most of whose member parties have attended the commemoration of Latvia’s war dead. Just because Latvia is a small country does not give the Foreign Secretary the right to put cheap party spin before the national interest. It is also indecent to allege that
Eric Pickles, who has an admirable record campaigning against anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, was defending the Waffen SS. Mr Miliband should withdraw that suggestion.

The Latvian Govenment’s website includes here an explanation of how the smears being repeated by Miliband et al originate from Soviet propaganda, now that is not the first time in history that Labour have been linked with Soviet propaganda.

Iain Dale on his blog had this to say “It looks like David Miliband sunk into the gutter with his attacks on Conservatives this morning during his speech at the ghost town Labour conference. He accused the Conservatives of consorting with fascists, reckoned Eric Pickles was somehow defending the Waffen SS and that Michael Kaminski is an anti semite. Pretty strong stuff for a man in charge of British diplomacy. It’s also further evidence of the desperate tactics he is deploying in order to keep himself in the post election leadership race. William Hague isn’t best pleased

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  1. A,
    Didn’t MilliBLAND refuse to condemn terrorists & their sympathisers last month?

  2. Indeed he did, not for the first time have Labour failed to condem terrorists, Cherie Blair put her foot in that giant mouth over suicide bombers, followed by a rapid retraction.
    Then we have case of Martin McGuniess being in the Grand Hotel Brighton, couple this with shame of Lockerbie and what sort of message are we sending world wide to terrorists

  3. Gonna be hard for them to spin anything positive outta this joke of a week now they don’t control the media so much

  4. Question Time will be a RIOT tonight..

    Starkie..will rinse Bradshaw!

  5. The Ghost of Liebore

    It will be all smears and lies, shame Hague and Millichump are not on

  6. Heart of Midlothian

    Just to come back in the Milliband post, CAMERON condoned terrorism with these words:

    “The fact that there is so much to celebrate in the new South Africa is not in spite of Mandela and the ANC, it is because of them”.

    • HoFMo
      That isnt condoning terrorism, that isnt saying that murder is OK in some instances.
      It seems that the labour party cant get away from snuggling up to mass murderers and multi billionaires.

  7. Heart of Midlothian


    He’s saying that South Africa is what it is today ‘because of the ANC’ and that the Tories were wrong in supporting state terrorism. Whichever way you look at it it’s condoning an outcome that was largely achieved by terrorist methods.
    I’m not saying that Cameron is wrong, in fact I think he is right, but he means pretty much what Milliband was saying in that in certain circumstance terrorism works.

  8. I don’t like to mock the afflicted, but why does his mouth go into all kind of contortions.

    He always looks like he is whispering to someone, in a snidey way, check him out next time he is on TV being interveiwed.

  9. Heart of Midlothian

    “I don’t like to mock the afflicted, but why does his mouth go into all kind of contortions.

    He always looks like he is whispering to someone, in a snidey way, check him out next time he is on TV being interveiwed.”

    I’ve never observed that with Cameron, but I’ll watch out for it next time he’s on.


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