The Great Global Warming Lie

By Tory Aardvark

Climate Change as Global Warming is now being called has become a self perpetuating industry and golden opportunity for the self appointed experts to find a new way to control our lives according to their particular idea as to how we should live.

By attaching the same emotive phraseology as beloved of the multi culturalists and PC brigade, they whip up the same hysteria, as someone who dared speak out against immigration a few years ago.

The Best Car in the World so let;s kill it with Green tax lies

The Best Car in the World so let's kill it with Green tax lies

More and more people across the world are waking up to this giant con for new taxation.

Typical of the Green taxation lie is the Labour Government’s failed Vehicle Excise Duty tax, this was ground breaking in that it attempted to set the precident of back dating taxes, in this case to vehicles registered on or after March 1 2002. Even Greenpeace were against this tax, as giving Green Taxes a bad name. It was not in fact Green based at all, it was just another attempt by the most anti car government in history to rape the motorist again.

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

The Very Best of British Design and Innovation under threat

Jaguar Land Rover represent the very best of British automotive design and engineering, yet two of our political parties, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are both doing their level best to drive them out of business with the loss of thousands of British workers jobs.

The latest anti car policy and the first of it’s kind in the world is from Liberal Democrat controlled Richmond Borough Council, where the price of your car parking space depends upon the carbon emissions of your car. A spokesman for the AA said “the council’s move was more about stealth tax and less about reducing carbon emissions.” more on that story from the Sky News Website

For the growing band of AGW “Sceptics” the following story is dynamite. And for those who do believe in Al Gore’s highly profitable myth about “Man-Made Global Warming”, it will no doubt feel as comfortable as the rectally inserted suicide bomb that put paid to an Al Qaeda operative earlier this week.” says James Delingpole in The Telegraph

This story is dynamite and confirms what most balanced people with a brain have been thinking for years; it’s a lie to allow the self appointed experts to control our lives even more and conform to their vision of society, which is not necessarily the one we want.

When the time for the General and Local Government Elections comes around in May 2010, we the long suffering motorist need to remind these politicians that us and our cars are not a free ride for unlimited taxtation.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Super article.
    If you want more about the “green” hype and propaganda, it’s all out there on the Web even though the media (especially in Europe) suppress and censor it

  2. What beats me though is why the Tories aren’t exposing all this hype. It can only help make their victory even more crushing

  3. Nice to see you here.

    We dont censor the truth or conform to the accetpted politically correct party lines on this or many other issues.
    One of the reasons we started this site, was because of pro left wing censorship on other public discussion forums, stopping any thing other than politically pressured lines being expressed. A case inpoint is Baroness Scotland, orders came from Downing St that this was not for discussion.

  4. Hat tipped & HELLO ‘NS’.
    Pls feel free to highlight anything that needs bringing into the wider arena.

    It was nice to see that Brown stated that the UK is a world leader in wind turbine technology….since when??

  5. Since he started waffling more through put than a jet on afterburner

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