Will Tony Blair be the first EU president

By Tory Aardvark

Its not been a good week for Gordon Brown and it starting to look likely that one of Browns worst personal nightmares is about to come true

William Hague said “We can all picture the scene at a European Council sometime next year. Picture the face of our poor Prime Minister as the name ‘Blair’ is nominated by one president and prime minister after another – the look of gloom on his face at the nauseating, glutinous praise oozing from every head of government. And then the awful moment when the motorcade of the President of Europe sweeps into Downing Street.
“The gritted teeth and bitten nails: the Prime Minister emerges from his door with a smile of intolerable anguish; the choking sensation as the words, ‘Mr President’, are forced from his mouth. And then, once in the Cabinet room, the melodrama of, ‘When will you hand over to me?’ all over again.

But whatever David Cameron, assorted European socialists and Gordon Brown may feel, the chances look reasonable that Mr Blair will be handed the keys to the new Résidence Palace. The £280million showcase complex, being built to accommodate the offices of the European president and new EU foreign minister created by the Libson treaty, is only one of the prizes on offer. The remuneration package is expected to include a €267,000 (£242,000) salary, chauffeur-driven car and a personal staff of about 20.” more in The Times

Just imagine what would happen if Brown managed to succeed Blair like he did here.

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  1. It’s a pipe dream but if I wake up tomorrow and Ireland voted No my faith in human kind may be rekindled!

  2. Prepare for your candle to be piddled on.
    Would it be churlish to pray for another potato famine??..that’ll teach them!

    The vid is quite probably the greatest Hague speech.
    His humour must be used next week…

  3. tried to find a transcript of the speech, even tried Hansard

  4. the stenographer (?) was probably wetting her pants….so was lost!

  5. Even the Pope does not want the YES vote.
    Would Blair ever get an Audience with him again if he gets the Presidency


  6. Although I understand there were pluses and minuses discussed in the ratification debate, I want to congratulate my European friends and say, chins up! It is difficult indeed to get unanimity among so many governments. I think it shows strength in Europe. Now you will get a president. If I haven’t disgusted you sufficiently already, I recommend the following post, http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/11/03/the-eu-as-a-partner-for-the-us/

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