Baroness Scotland The Heat Is Back On

By Tory Aardvark

This is not proving the best weekend ever for the Government, following on from the slow motion car crash that was the Labour Party Conference two of their ministers, who are both QC’s are in trouble with the law again. Yesterday the Deputy Labour Leader was on a mobile phone when she crashed into a parked car. So not only was breaking the law by holding a mobile phone, she drove away from the accident, with out stopping and without giving any of the details required under the 1988 Road Traffic Act.

The lastest revelations in The Mail about Baroness Scotland and her illegal worker concern further alleged breaches of the Law, this time Employment Law.

The housekeeper’s P60 states she was paid £2,913 by Mrs P. J. Mawhinney, the Baroness’s married name, up until April . It also states no tax deductions were made, contravening the Income Tax (PAYE) Regulations 2003

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  1. The old adage is true then, Rules are made to be broken, but only if your an MP

  2. Few more out today on crime

    * New laws to jail people who attack policemen.
    * ‘Grounding orders’ to punish young thugs who terrorise housing estates.
    * Sacking police chiefs who refuse to tackle families from hell.
    * Cutting parole for badly behaved prisoners.

    Yeah I know. Not the Daily Mash 😉

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