William Hague on Labour’s achievements since 1997

By Tory Aardvark

William Hague is probably the greatest parliamentary orator since Winston Churchill, his speeches not only get his message over, they can be very funny as well.
Yesterday at the Conservative Party conference was no different; from yesteday’s speech here is the list of Labour failures during their time in Government:

William Hague

William Hague

– £22,500 of debt for every child born in Britain
– 111 tax rises from a government that promised no tax rises at all
– The longest national tax code in the world
– 100,000 million pounds drained from British pension funds
– Gun crime up by 57%
– Violent crime up 70%
– The highest proportion of children living in workless households anywhere in Europe
– The number of pensioners living in poverty up by 100,000
– The lowest level of social mobility in the developed world
– The only G7 country with no growth this year
– One in six young people neither earning nor learning
– 5 million people on out-of –work benefits
– Missing the target of halving child poverty
– Ending up with child poverty rising in each of the last three years instead
– Cancer survival rates among the worst in Europe
– Hospital-acquired infections killing nearly three times as many people as are killed on the roads
– Falling from 4th to 13th in the world competitiveness league
– Falling from 8th to 24th in the world education rankings in maths
– Falling from 7th to 17th in the rankings in literacy
– The police spending more time on paperwork than on the beat
– Fatal stabbings at an all-time high
– Prisoners released without serving their sentences
– Foreign prisoners released and never deported
– 7 million people without an NHS dentist
– Small business taxes going up
– Business taxes raised from among the lowest to among the highest in Europe
– Tax rises for working people set for after the election
– The 10p tax rate abolished
– And the ludicrous promise to have ended boom and bust
– Our gold reserves sold for a quarter of their worth
– Our armed forces overstretched and under-supplied
– Profitable post offices closed against their will
– One of the highest rates of family breakdown in Europe
– The ‘Golden Rule’ on borrowing abandoned when it didn’t fit
– Police inspectors in 10,Downing Street
– Dossiers that were dodgy
– Mandelson resigning the first time
– Mandelson resigning the second time
– Mandelson coming back for a third time
– Bad news buried
– Personal details lost
– An election bottled
– A referendum denied

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. http://toryaardvark.com @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. what about prescott’s ‘bells on bikes’ policy?
    did that make it through???

  2. storm-bringer

    a fine speech but he missed out the 3600 new laws .not sure if you allow outside links but..

    My favourite is it is now illegal to create a nuclear explosion….

  3. annother 5 years of this and its beachy head here i come

  4. I can hear the tiny minds of this site working…just beyond the faintest of heartbeats.

    You don’t care about real society, only the fake private one you construct for yourselves. You have a lack of regard for the people, and social equality. You have proved this each time you have been in power. IF there was a god he would be ashamed of you and disarm you. This sort of propaganda and those that write for and fund it are a national disgrace. whats even more shocking is that you are now in power (without having a majority) you are ruining a collective and socially focused society that guides the way in an unfair world that favours the privileged. The only comfort i get is that at the next election your OUT and your opportunistic cuts to change as much as possible will inform public perception of you for decades to come.

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