Labour MP’s Expenses And The Dawn Of Realisation

By Tory Aardvark

All together now The people's flag is deepest red......

All together now The people's flag is deepest red......

Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman are at odds with their MP’s expenses and Sir Thomas Legg’s findings.

The murmurings of bank bench discontent and revolt are stirring again with Alan Simpson the Labour MP for Nottingham South saying that if ordered by a Court he would only pay back £500.

Simpson then goes on to say that Brown has “rolled over” on expenses and the real leadership on the problem is coming from Harriet “You Know Who I Am Harman” Harman

The rebel MP added that even loyal Labour members – like those who criticized Brown at the party’s meeting on Monday night – were beginning to realise that the PM would sacrifice anyone and anything to keep himself in Number 10. more from Lobby Dog

So finally the Labour party is waking up to what the country already knows, Brown will do anything to hang on to the Prime Mentalist’s job and the only way to get rid of him is to prise his cold blue fingers off the keys to No 10

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  1. We Must Be Heard

    Can Gordon not See what she is up too, ohhh he can’t c can he

  2. Gordon’s just upset that Harman demonstrated labours true policy,
    HIT & RUN: Hit the tax payer and leg it with the proceeds.
    I don’t think Jackie Smith should have paid back the £10 for those movies though.
    If I had the choice of banging one up her or watching porn and pulling my todger, I know which I’d choose!!

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