Labour Backbenchers Discontent Is Growing With Gordon Brown

By Tory Aardvark

Yesterday there were rumblings of discontent from 5 Labour MP about their Sir Thomas Legg repayments

Another mess I have got myself in

Another mess I have got myself in

Today the rumblings are getting stronger and even Labour Ministers are admitting that Gordon Brown has become the focus for backbench discontent.

Sir Thomas Legg has not worked out as Brown had hoped, it all backfired rather badly for the Prime Mentalist when Sir Thomas asked him for more than £12,000 in over claimed expenses.

MPs warned that the revolt would become even bigger if they are sent backdated tax bills by HM Revenue and Customs, which is investigating whether furniture and fittings bought under the “second homes” allowances should be regarded as a taxable benefit. “That would mean hitting us twice – one repayment for Legg, another for the tax man,” one Labour MP said.

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  1. Don’t mention the latest Mori Poll.
    There will be fits of the hissy type on SLY 🙂

  2. now doubt the boids will soon be making up more lies.

  3. On the subject matter itself, any none essential items should be taxed in full.
    Anything else claimed by on expenses should either remain the property of the crown, or a taxable benefit be applied accordingly.
    Let’s be HONEST here…apart from the troughers (‘though it’s hard to determine who is the worst..the one who claims thousands..or the one who claims for paper clips) just who wouldn’t max out their ‘entitlement’ if advised to do so?

  4. We Must Be Heard

    All Labour MPs should return any Money that has been Given them in the course of the Last 13 years. As this Money has been paid under false pretencies.

  5. This explains a lot, the biscuit claim for no.10 is reported to be £twenty quadrillion!
    No wonder he avoided the question!!

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