Any Questions Tonight 20:00 Radio 4

By Tory Aardvark

Any Questions on Radio 4 promises to be interesting as Nadine Dorries is on the program with the Redditch Saddleback.

Promises to be a lot more exciting than Griffin as Nadine has a score to settle with Jacqui Smith.

A couple of tweets:

NadineDorriesMP I’m on Any Questions with Jacqui Smith. Hope a Q re AWS pops up!

NadineDorriesMP As a new scared MP sat on my first Public Bill commit Jaqui smith was very very nasty to me – I remember thinking, one day lady, one day.

Roast Pork anyone?

Update from Nadine after the show

NadineDorriesMP Jacqui Smith’s husband sat in the audience during AQ. Cringe moment when porno video came up. He works for her, both facing un-employment.

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  1. You asked for Roast Pork?

    Should be good.

  2. Major hap tipping

    That cartoon is brilliant

  3. The cartoon is OK..but you’ll probably find that the spit will turn but the bitch will remain static.
    I imagine (on an empty stomach) that the orifices at each end of that grabbing, lieing bint will be pretty much shot at…with very little muscle tone or gripability evident with whatever is left of her sphincters.

  4. The Redditch Saddleback is getting rinsed by Nadine

  5. what do you think that she’s wearing???
    Listening in now….Benidorm’s on in a bit though.

  6. Sounds to me that Nadine’s the only bit of a righty on here…
    This is the time where we could do with a TTAB instant messaging facility….

  7. Expenses now..Nadine’s doing so good!!!

  8. Finishes before 9.

    We watch The Unit as it’s the only war program the crazywoman likes LOL

  9. Spliffy…’justified anger’.
    She made a ‘mistake’. She didn’t make a ‘mistake’, she did it all on ‘purpose’. Surprisingly, the audience have applauded her for apologising…oh, how so very Radio4! She apologised because she was caught.£1,500 paid back. What a vile, odious, grabbing, troughing bitch!

  10. Not bad paying back £1500 on an overclaim of £100k

  11. got it on ‘surround’ through Sky.
    Can’t pause it & rewind though…should have sat in the car, could do that in there.
    Billy Hayes is being quite reasonable….
    Maajid Nawaz has just upset suggesting the salaries that some of the penpushers ‘earn’ should be reduced.

  12. AWS now it’s going to kick off and guess who was selected on an AWS.

    Nadine is right to be against that on the evidence of the Smith the trougher

  13. I can see a bit of a discussion forum starting here…

  14. Nawaz is againt AWS as well for all the right reasons. He could be a lefty that I like

  15. check out my farcebook page have been kicking some thick boids on Watson’s page..about the end of the recession. One dozy cow hadn’t heard that the premature celebration by watson was just that.

  16. AWS..go Nadine!
    Rinsing Spliffy!!!

  17. spliffy, is losing the plot.
    bet she visits the top shelf of blockbuster video, after a visit to the kebab shop.

  18. Game, set and match Nadine

    One fat troughing bitch rinsed, spun and hung out to dry.

  19. Spliffy reminds me of Wilt’s Mrs (from the Tom Sharpe books).

  20. We Must Be Heard

    missed it, but its on i player tomorrow @ 13:00

  21. I think it’s repeated on saturday afternoon on R4

  22. Heart of Midlothian

    Missed it but did Nadine mention anything about concealing her address from her constituents?

    Fair question I think?.

  23. HoM, did the question of Nadine’s address crop up? If so, then you do have a point.
    If not, then perhaps the show should be renamed
    “any statements not related to any particular question posed”…then again, we have that already- it’s called PMQs.

  24. Chippy,
    if you need to contact her I am sure you can get hold of her here

    St Michael’s Close
    High Street
    SG17 5DD

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