Every British Household Pays £3640 Per Year For Quangos

By Tory Aardvark

On top of the massive £86,000 debt per household that Labour have run up with their spending of £6017 per second; they are wasting the equivalent of £3640 per annum on Quangos.

Waring more money we have not got

Wasting more money we have not got

Labour has said it will cut the costs of the Quangos and their powers, which has so far turned out to be  yet more lies. According to the Taxpayers Alliance in excess of £90 billion was spent on Quangos  in the year 2007-08 an increase of £13 billion on the previous year.

Government at Westminster funded 960 bodies costing £82 billion; with so many Quangos how many are doing the same job twice.

£90 billion of money we dont have being wasted on nonjobbers, how much more are Brown and Co wasting this year?

*** Updated 15:40 ***

It’s actually far worse than my original post suggested

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  1. The cost to the UK is well documentated (with a little bit of digging), however quangos in the main (as per their title) are answerable to no one, and wield an extraordinary power.

  2. We Must Be Heard

    And when the Lisbon Treaty is Ratified, we can of course look forward to some more quangoes being added to the list.
    No doubt El PResidente Blair will have a few

  3. We Must Be Heard

    Ard a quick sniff through these will have you high for quite a while


  4. Thats what you call hiding it in plain sight, it’s simply amazing or is it astounding

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