Labour MP Tony McNulty Rebuked By The Committee on Standards and Privileges

By Tory Aardvark


Another shamed trougher Tony McNulty

The same Committee on Standards and Privileges that recently white washed the Redditch Saddleback of nearly £100k’s worth of dubious second home expenses has in a possible one off judgement, actually found a Labour MP guilty and told him to payback £13,837. Aardvark is left wondering what Jacqui Smith has that Tony McNulty does not.

The Parliementary Commisioner John Lyon upheld a complaint that McNulty, a former Home Office Minister claimed for a second home in his Harrow East constintuency which he hardly ever visted and his parents lived in rent free; paid for by the taxpayers.

McNulty will also have to apologise to the House of Commons, Smith’s apology lasted less than 2 minutes will McNulty show greater contrition than the mealy mouth grudging apology that Smith made while the covern look on adoringly?

“We conclude that Mr McNulty breached the rules of the House by claiming against his Additional Costs Allowance for expenses in respect of his second home that were not wholly and exclusively incurred in connection with his Parliamentary duties.

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  1. Is that his special “make Gordon squeal like a piggy” finger?

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