Has Jacqui Smith Re-Invented Herself As Hyacinth Bucket

By Tory Aardvark

Question Time this week was a lot more entertaining than last week for Aardvark because Jacqui Smith was on the show, and if there is one political thing Aardvark enjoys, it’s watching the Redditch Saddleback squirm whenever the topic of her expenses is raised.
When the show started it looked like Hyacinth Bucket had been a last minute substitution for the former Home Secretary,


New look Jacqui Smith

then Hyacinth spoke and the dawn of realisation hit, it’s Jacqui Smith.

A few days earlier we picked up a Tweet that Smith was going to be on the program in SMS (Save My Seat) mode, and indeed Jacqui was seat saving like there was no tomorrow, which for her political career is probably true.

For Jacqui Smith Mark 2 the socialist progressive teacher look is gone, now we have the Hinge and Bracket music teacher look, black sober and with a pearl necklace.

Was tonight’s performance the usual lacklustre affair that we have come to expect from Smith?

Yes, with much squirming and a hostile audience especially when her expenses were mentioned.

First Smith got a lot of audience flack about the EU and the lack of the promised referendum.

“Should Ministers caught troughing become Lords?” Interesting question as former Home Secretary’s normally get a peerage. There are moves afoot in Westminster to stop Smith getting a peerage so full marks to the audience member for asking that question.

It was no surprise that expenses dominated a significant part of the show, the same dog-eared excuses were trotted out again, but this time with  lashings of Mea Culpa until there was a serious danger of mass vomiting by all those listening. When asked by Dimbelby if she considered herself disgraced Smith replied “to a certain extent”. How New Labour there are now degrees of disgrace some of which dont really matter.

Asked by the audience if she knew she was doing wrong Smith used the “I took advice” defence, about as valid as “I was only obeying orders”.

More hat tipping to the audience member who broached the topic of New Labour’s Political Elite being above the law, we have blogged a lot on the “one rule for them, one for us” and it’s pleasing to see that other people are waking up to this.

Smith then got totally destroyed by Dimbelby about not understanding the expenses question “Where do you live”. Smith just blustered and then a veritable torrent of Mea Culpa’s followed.

When the economy was mentioned Jacqui immediately switched into Gordon Brown list recital mode, and actually said that the Prime Mentalist had saved the USA, until asked to actually confirm she had said that. New Labour do have this delusional idea that they saved the world, saved the USA,  saved the planet.  One is left wondering if they have these deluded conversations so often in private that it’s inevitable that there will be the odd public gaff like this from time to time.

Overall rating as  a seat saving exercise for Jacqui – futile she has a majority of 2,300 and there are currently 10,600 signatures on the petition to get her out in Redditch.

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  1. it’s good to know that she doesn’t want a seat in the house of lords.
    Arise Baroness Smith of pornutopia

  2. Considering her penchant for adult movies, it was apt to see that she was sporting a pearl necklace & some dubiously shaped ear furniture.
    I was half expecting Sargeant to provide us with the ‘money shot’ considering the way that he was fawning to her & blair (albeit remotely)

  3. On a pedants point here, it is actually Hyacinth Bucket

  4. beat me to it Mr D.
    Perhaps Violet Bucket refers to Spliffy’s disastrous attempts of giving her ‘downstairs area’ a blue rinse?
    Oh, by the way, we are still in BST…

  5. I think Violet was Hyacinths sister married to Onslow( Eddie Yates from Corrie)

  6. Violet was, tis true.
    I think that she used to be on that ‘hilarious’ BBC sitcom “Bread”…but I could be wrong.

    Enjoyed the Vent article.
    hat tipped.

  7. Proves that blogging after consuming the a few Remy’s is a hazardous business. As I never watched the show it also proves you should check you facts.

  8. A,
    I could give you a review of said sitcom if you like.
    pls say “NO” though.

  9. We Must Be Heard

    Yes a very striking hair do, bit like her Brain comes on in waves,

    Second shamed women MP with a new hair do The crafty Midget has got rid of her Red Locks.

    Check her out on PMQs sat behind Sir ( leave us alone ) Stuart Bell when he asked Brown how much further he is going with the Expenses,,,,,,,

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