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The Redditch Saddleback is on Question Time

By Tory Aardvark

Jacqui Smith will be on Question Time this week and she is in SMS mode (Save My Seat) according to Nadine Dorries.

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

Disgraced Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

NadineDorriesMP@bbcquestiontime Smith is in SMS (save my seat) mode. her Im so sorry my mum said I must make amends act on AQ last week was not good.
Smith’s performance was not good, especially with Mr Smith in the audience and people keep mentioning those 2 movies

Some might say that Jacqui Smith is the best example as to why AWS are not a good idea, Aardvark is one of them.

Listen to Any Questions Friday 23rd October 2009

Mandelson Turns on Brown

By Tory Aardvark

According to a senior Labour MP Mandelson is actively briefing against Gordon Brown who is currently hiding in his bunker supporting the up turn in profits for Tenaman


Lord Mandelson thinks Gordon Brown is a Chump

Will Mandelson unleash Draper and McBride to smear Dear Leader?

Lord Mandelson is privately briefing against the Prime Minister, according to a senior Labour MP. The MP, who I met at Parliament last night, said Alan Johnson stands ready to fill a vacancy if necessary, following a serious breakdown in discipline and morale in the Parliamentary Labour Party precipitated by Gordon Brown’s embarrassmant at a demand that he pay back over £12,000 in wrongly claimed expenses. Latest from Tory Rascal

David Cameron – Why I dont Want Blair For EU President

By Tory Aardvark

No need to worry Dave, the cursed one-eyed son of the Manse says he will support Blair.

Probably a good time to enjoy William Hague on President Blair

The Great Climate Change Lie – Now We Have To Give Up Meat

By Tory Aardvark

Last week we had the Prime Mentalist going on about how there are only 50 days left to save the world from the great climate change lie.

Yesterday another bunch of social engineering control freaks were proposing to introduce increased energy taxes on our homes, triple the outrageous fuel duty that we pay and add £3300 to the price of a new car.

Labour Idiots

Shutting this bunch up would save a lot of CO2

The greatest danger free thinking people face today is the Eco Socialism of Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and the European Union. As the great climate change lie unravels they still persist in their vision of a socially engineered world where we live our lives according to their vision of our society.

Climate Change has given the Socialists and quasi-Communists the opportunities for taxation they have always dreamed of.

Climate Change and taxation go hand in hand like bread and butter, anyone who dares speak out against this lie is shouted down and vilified in the same way that anyone who questioned immigration a few years ago was labelled a “racist”.

In the latest bit of hysterical insanity we have to give up eating meat now, because the Politbureau have decided we should all become vegetarians. According to Lord Stern we have to give up meat to save the planet.

The ecomentalists have to be stopped otherwise we have a future of living in cold, dark homes lit by candles, sharing a communal horse and cart, never going more than 5 miles from where we were born and subsisting on a diet of vegetables.

Who wants to live in a pre-industrial revolution Britain where 60-70% of what we earn is taken in tax, and cabinet ministers like Mandelson and Baroness Scotland have the standard of living we all enjoy now and swan around in their Jaguars.

EU President delayed until next month

By Tory Aardvark

The European Union is to put off a decision on choosing a President for the European Socialist Superstate because the Czech Republic have not signed the Lisbon Treaty.

Well done President Vaclav Klaus

The bloc’s leaders had hoped to agree on a candidate at a summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday. But many member states say it is premature to do so because the Czech Republic has not approved the Lisbon reform treaty.

Every British Household Pays £3640 Per Year For Quangos

By Tory Aardvark

On top of the massive £86,000 debt per household that Labour have run up with their spending of £6017 per second; they are wasting the equivalent of £3640 per annum on Quangos.

Waring more money we have not got

Wasting more money we have not got

Labour has said it will cut the costs of the Quangos and their powers, which has so far turned out to be  yet more lies. According to the Taxpayers Alliance in excess of £90 billion was spent on Quangos  in the year 2007-08 an increase of £13 billion on the previous year.

Government at Westminster funded 960 bodies costing £82 billion; with so many Quangos how many are doing the same job twice.

£90 billion of money we dont have being wasted on nonjobbers, how much more are Brown and Co wasting this year?

*** Updated 15:40 ***

It’s actually far worse than my original post suggested

Latest Gordon Brown Podcast From The Bunker In Never Never Land

By Tory Aardvark

More delusional ramblings from the Bunker.


In this podcast Dear Leader promises to lead us out of recession by the end of the year.

What happend to the Green Shoots of Recovery?

The predicted growth in the second quarter of 2009?

My pledge to you is to make reform of the financial sector a reality and to see Britain’s economy return to growth by the turn of the year.

The podcast has attracted a total of 142 plays in 24 hours, so it looks like only the Downing Street insiders were forced to listen.

Sunday’s Caption Competition

By Tory Aardvark

Leaving the munitions plant

Now is the winter of our discontent 2009

By Tory Aardvark

The death throws of a Labour Government always have the same three things: a politically impotent Leader, a wrecked economy with rising unemployment and lots of industrial action.

1979 Labour under Callaghan Uncollected Rubbish Piles Up

1979 Labour under Callaghan Uncollected Rubbish Piles Up in Leicester Square

The deadly cocktail of Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan and Dennis Healy bankrupted this country and the subsequent bailout by IMF led to the 1979 Winter of Discontent. The IMF set condtions on the loan to bail the UK out, one of which was stop the reckless spending and printing money (now known a quantitive easing). The Unions did not like the new policies and industrial action became the norm. The dead lay unburied, the rubbish piled up and the country came to a standstill.

Sound familiar?

Move forward thirty years and we have a politcally impotent Labour Prime Mentalist, the country is bankrupt, Labour is spending £6017 per second and printing money faster than the Weimar Republic.

The Postal Workers are out on strike, the cursed one eyed son of the Manse is hiding in is bunker and Lord Mandelchump is doing whatever chumps do.

Tomorrow several thousand drivers with FirstGroup, the bus and rail company, will strike against a pay freeze. The action will threaten services on routes in Essex, Yorkshire, Wigan, Bolton and Bury.
Holidaymakers flying out from Stansted airport will face disruption in the run-up to Christmas as 90 ground services staff are axed. Swissport, which operates ground services for Ryanair, plans to introduce a new staff shift system which has been labelled “unworkable” by the GMB union.

Any Questions Tonight 20:00 Radio 4

By Tory Aardvark

Any Questions on Radio 4 promises to be interesting as Nadine Dorries is on the program with the Redditch Saddleback.

Promises to be a lot more exciting than Griffin as Nadine has a score to settle with Jacqui Smith.

A couple of tweets:

NadineDorriesMP I’m on Any Questions with Jacqui Smith. Hope a Q re AWS pops up!

NadineDorriesMP As a new scared MP sat on my first Public Bill commit Jaqui smith was very very nasty to me – I remember thinking, one day lady, one day.

Roast Pork anyone?

Update from Nadine after the show

NadineDorriesMP Jacqui Smith’s husband sat in the audience during AQ. Cringe moment when porno video came up. He works for her, both facing un-employment.