William Hague Replies To French Minister; And Pravda On The European Union

We can expect to see a lot more smearing of anti-European politicians from the EU Socialist superstate as it grows in size and power, more attempts to influence the outcome of the democratic process so the puppet governments of the satellite states of the EU follow the line of the European Union Commision who will replace Gordon Brown as Dear Leader.

When someone dares to speak out against the policies of a Socialist regime they are called names normally ending in “ism” or “ist”. RACIST was the cry used against anyone who dared question immigration in what we now know as Labour’s decision to force multiculturalism on the people of this country.

The Climate Change Lie is now established effectively as a Religion, woe betide any who dare question the Lie now.

Pravda the official newspaper of Russia and the former USSR has this to say on the EU:

Political power in the EU is firmly in the hands of the European Commission, which is set to obtain even more power under the Lisbon Treaty. This infamous treaty does not hold the peoples of Europe in high regard. As a matter of fact, it is only halfway through the treaty (originally presented as a “Constitution”) that one finds the first references to the people.

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  1. We Must Be Heard

    Don’t you just love it, the ink is still wet on the treaty, and zee bloody french are at it already, another nail in the europe coffin for the anti europe’s

  2. I love this man, (in a brotherly type of way you understand), an outstanding ability to rise above the politics and still score direct hits for the party.
    An amazing orator who grasps the nettle and never forgets he is there for the people and the country.
    I have calmed down a bit now!
    Still a tory voter….100%

  3. I like William Hague too. He is not just a good politician but statesman too. I think that the EU are in real
    trouble. I am not sure what the Lisbon Treaty is all about actually, and the significance of this for GB.
    Maybe someone on the blog could enlighten me?

    Although Brown (is he still leader of the Labour party?) I recall some sage saying Tony Blair started the trend. And the EU without Britain’s support are going to flounder badly. Part of which I have read is this climate change debacle and the publishing of Carbon permits, whose value has depreciated of late.

    However, trillions are invested in clean energy and also carbon credit investments, and the EU are all up there amongst some of the biggest investors. No wonder they are edgy. However the carbon credit
    investments bank has withdrawn their representative from Australia.

    Time out gentlemen, eat your spaghetti and frog legs, and we’ll continue to enjoy our roast beef and Yorkshire pub. Vive les Brits.

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