Climate Change – The Majority Of British Voters Are Non Convinced

Ìn a poll for The Times on Climate Change less than half of the population believe the Climate Change Lie. Millions have been spent, science doctored or inconvenient truths obfuscated as the social engineering evangelists, the self appointed dictators who seek to make us live in their Utopia have tried to convince us of their flawed and ever increasingly discredited theory.


To the credit of the people of this country the majority have not been fooled.

The Times poll found:

41% believe the science behind the Climate Change Lie

32% dont believe the science

8% believe it’s just eco-mentalist propaganda

15% dont believe the planet is warming

Widespread scepticism on climate change undermines Copenhagen summit more from The Times

Climate Change is the ideal growth area for Socialist taxation, Brown and Labour were caught red-handed trying to back date Vehicle Excise Duty to March 1st 2002. Greenpeace said it gave Green Taxes a bad name, caught out  Brown did another U turn but the damage and credibility to future  Green taxation lies had been done.

Now they are trying to slip in a new tax, personal carbon allowances.

An Environment Agency spokesman said only those with “extravagant lifestyles” would be affected by the carbon allowances.
He said: “A lot of people who cycle will get money back. It will probably only be bankers and those with extravagant lifestyles who would lose out.”

Let’s  consider the words of the anonymous Environment Agency spokesman:”It will probably only be bankers and those with extravagant lifestyles who would lose out”. So if it only impacts a few and the UK’s carbon emissions are 2% of the world total what is the point of the allowances?

To try and make the proposed new Green Tax Lie more palatable the convenient use of demonised bankers as those most liekly to pay more  is patently laughable.

One is reminded of the shouting down of anyone who expressed concern about immigration as a “Racist”, and the truth about Labour and it’s immigration experiment is out, the truth of the Climate Change Lie is hot on it’s heels.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. If this ever makes the news, expect the “don’t believe the science” and *eco-mentalist propaganda” figures to rise even more

  2. See if you can guess who has a copy of the file?


    Read the PDF. It talks about “behaviour change”

    And a very suspicious “climate challenge” _disabled_ website

  4. The USA is calling for an inquiry into ClimateGate / WarmerGate but Sky has “service not available”

    • That’s a good link that needs more publicity, will use that for something we are going run before, during and after the Copenhagen hoax

      • read MickJ’s links on sky as well if it gets back online
        Nigel Lawson is also calling for an inquiry. I think it was the Daily Express
        If you haven^t already, Join the mailing list for climatechangefraud

  5. Here are some more links buried in the posts. The topic is “Fraud of the century”

  6. Maybe this is worth a try

    I actually have an acknowledgement of a complaint with a reference number having sent them email about ClimateGate

  7. Is it possible to swamp this with the word “ClimateGate”?

  8. not in the UK, but the Belgium domain could help. I wonder if they have links to the Commission for an “EUGate” which is surely only a matter of time

  9. interesting links in here as well (the ClimateGate thread)

  10. mosquito net won’t save you from Gore’s blunders. Earplugs might.


    Now that the 2-week Copenhagen U.N. climate conference fiasco is over, much analysis will take place as to why the conference was such an abject failure. Although there are likely to be multiple valid reasons, few, if any liberal-leftist, will admit to the primary reason for the failure: that the global warming science was bogus and climate lies perpetuated the fraud.

  12. carbon scam

  13. Detroit in ruins
    lefties in general and “green” madness

  14. Look for this book “Blue Planet in Green Shackles” written by the Czech President

  15. mother of all hockey sticks

  16. The infamous UK Met Office “subset” analysed

  17. you need to page down some to find lots of links and videos

  18. Finnish television, but there is an English transcript


    BBC climate correspondent had the email FIVE WEEKS before ClimateGate


    Subject: C3

    Multiple Antarctica Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm Sea Ice Growth Over Decades; Scientists Befuddled Why Climate Models Are Wrong

    Posted: 30 Dec 2009 02:01 AM PST
    Read here. As the mainstream press has popularized, Earth’s polar regions are supposed to warm and the sea ice area is supposed to shrink. Why? Because climate models predicted it, and reporters and pundits just accept 100% all climate model predictions, without a sliver of reservation. As with most other climate predictions though, over the last several decades the CO2-based climate models have been spectacularly wrong regarding the South Pole. Actual peer-reviewed research based on empirical evidence confirms this.

    Climategate: Actual “Global” Warming Only Affects 10 to 20% of World, Sometimes

    Posted: 29 Dec 2009 12:51 PM PST

    Read here. There have been numerous revelations from the Climategate emails and files about climate scientists and the science that have truly been incredible, yet confirm what skeptics have long felt and thought. An example is the skeptics’ conclusion that global warming is not really “global” but more local in reality. Sure enough, a prominent IPCC climate scientist confirmed that conclusion in one of the Climategate emails:
    “Even with the instrumental record, the early and late 20th century warming periods are only significant locally at between 10-20% of grid boxes.”

    Of course, when you combine that statement with this other Climategate email statement by another prominent IPCC climate scientist, it’s not a surprise the public no longer believes these frauds and now questions the veracity of scientists in general. It’s definitely a travesty.
    “In one e-mail, Kevin Trenberth of the National Center of Atmospheric Research admits climatologists “can’t account for the lack of warming” in recent years, “and it is a travesty that we can’t.””


    Read also the first comment about the two AGW groups

  22. Wikipedia we know about, but there are other links worth pursuing here


    It’s from “1984” by Orwell. That man was a genius

  24. gives FIFTY THREE million results for “climategate” but Google only finds TWO million. Time to start using different search engines

  25. this may get some more whistleblowing

    “misappropriation of public funds” is the key


    When are the tories going to wake up? The BNP and now the UKIP have realised the hoax.

    • I have emailed David Cameron asking him precisely that question and citing Climategate.

      Normally takes about 2 weeks to get a reply from DC, will post it when it arrives


    Any scientist or apologist who even attempts to defend the Climategate scientists and their gross misconduct at attempting to silence critics’ science should be removed from any position of science education, research or authority. For scientists to even hint at condoning scientific fraud and conspiracy is 100% unacceptable. At a minimum at least, these Climategate deniers will have less credibility to stand on when appearing at a trial as an expert science witness, potentially hurting their wallet and their reputation. A good lawyer will make a shambles of their testimony as a witness for scientific truth.

  28. quite new, but maybe worth subscribing

  29. now something in the New York Times

  30. false god

    As columnist Don Feder notes, the new Church of Mother Earth, is rooted in the secular doctrines of Marxism. It is a quasi-religion that promises to take adherents to the Promised Land of “rigid control, central planning, rationing, pre-industrial living standards and flagellation to purge us of our sins.”

  31. oh dear. Whatever happened to “no reward for failure”?

  32. Planet Earth is a naturally occurring phenomenon that existed long before, and will exist long after, any governmental attempts to affect it

    This also applies to Europe and the “green” lunacy

    The idiotic claim by Democrats and Obama that the U.S. will enjoy a green job revolution has been pretty well proven to be….well….idiotic, based on other country’s experiences. Also, the very flaky green job growth machine premise is additionally undercut by the Democrats’ own love affair of using NIMBY or the EPA to stop any actual green job opportunities from becoming a reality. Finally, U.S. green job growth depends on having access to needed, scarce rare metals but China wants to keep the metals and green jobs for themselves.

  34. This about sums it up

    otherwise it’s on


    Satellites Confirm Large Climategate-Type Warming Across Major Global Land Areas

    Posted: 08 Jan 2010 08:01 AM PST

    Read here. In many areas of the world, surface temperatures are fabricated due to their being too few weather stations collecting information and/or the weather stations are not well maintained to produce reliable information. As a result, climate scientists will fabricate temperatures based on their own preferred “adjustment” scheme. Now that we have satellites flying over these areas recording accurate temperatures, it seems that these major land areas have been reporting temperatures significantly higher than what the satellites report. Ahhh, good old scientific fraud….ain’t it grand!


    The official 2009 U.S. temperature was 53.13°F. The official 1900 U.S. temperature was 53.53°F. This is not the global warming Jim Hansen, Al Gore and the devoted had in mind when they claimed that the billions of tons of CO2 humans were pouring into the atmosphere would turn the world into an oven.

    Why were they so wrong? Well, probably because human CO2 emissions really don’t have that large of an impact on temperatures. During 2009, multiple studies were released indicating that other climate forcings, such as solar, cosmic ray, land-use, black soot (aerosols) and clouds, do have a major impact on global temperatures. These forcings combined would represent an impact multiple times greater than CO2. For the devoted, the sad news has become ever more obvious: CO2 is a bit player regarding temperatures. For plants though, it’s the cat’s pajamas.

  37. ScienceGate ???

    Regardless of the science discipline, it appears that the science community is on a suicidal, self-destruct path of totally destroying their credibility with the public. It seems that on a daily basis, some scientist(s) is claiming his/her research predicts, based on computer model predictions, imminent disaster if society doesn’t act quickly by spending money

  38. maybe too late for the live broadcast, but I will look for a video

  39. Well, real-world facts are getting in the way of the inconvenient lies that big government-big spender types have been pushing


    Climategate goes American: NOAA, GISS and the mystery of the vanishing weather stations

  41. If I post this in the other place, it will probably get deleted, but I will try

  42. EU President-
    “Global Warming” Being Used As A Vehicle To Suppress Human Freedom

    This from the ClimateGate mailing list on Yahoo

  43. here’s what those stealth taxes are doing to inflation

    • Do nicely here thanks very much

      Scott Brown winning MA which used to be Ted Kennedy senate seat will have a major impact on Cap n Trade.

      Looks like a Republican win from what my US Twitter friends are tweeting and even the MSM are actually reporting that Coakley wont win. Obamageddon 😀


    Note: force the manufacturers to make vehicles that people don’t actually want

  45. you have this already, but it’s come back to life

  46. let’s face it. They just don’t know. But a wondeful excuse for inventing taxes


    Also some good ones in the comments, especially this one:

    People don’t change climate. Nature does.

  48. a bit late, but the Indian government knew about the “HimalayanGlacier” lies in October 2009 and also not happy with the IPCC

    • read that early this morning

      Intertesting about Merkel she’s portrayed here as part of the Sarkozy/Brown axis of blind obedience to the Church of Climatology when in fact she’s not.

      Almost feel guilty about some of the things I have blogged about Frau Merkel, but then again she is a politician so sod the guilt trip

  49. oh dear. An email from a secretary of DC means they still haven’t realised the fraud yet. If you want to see the mail, please send me an email address to forward it to

  50. hat tip for your own post. I also found this with an email address for making submissions

  51. a bit dated, but how much more of this is going on that hasn’t come to light yet?

    An email from ACORE president contains “If you produce one more editorial against climate change, I will launch a campaign against your professional integrity”

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