Harman Is Doomed As Gordon Brown Supports Her After She Is Charged With Driving Offences

Aardvark will admit to being very pleased with news that Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman is to be charged with Careless Driving and Using A Hand Held Mobile phone while driving. For too long left to their own devices Labour has always closed ranks and protected their Political Elite.

This time they can’t whitewash their way out of this, due process will have to take it’s course.

More bad news for Harriet as the cursed one-eyed son of the Manse has announced is his support for her, the curse of Jonah Brown will now destroy Harriet. How strong this support is, is open to interpretation as a spokesman for the Prime Mentalist said Brown still “had confidence” in Harman.

If Harriet is found guilty then it might just sound the death knell of the Harpies’ political career,which would leave Labour in an ever worse mess for the General Election with a discredited Leader and a disgraced Deputy Leader.

Ms Harman has not exactly had the best of driving records:

January 2003 Harman was convicted of speeding at 99 mph on the M4, she was fined £400 and banned for 7 days

April 2007 and Harman the speed queen is fined £60 for exceeding the speed limit in Suffolk, the 3 penalty points for that offence are still current on her licence.

The problems dont stop there: The penalty for using a handheld mobile phone while driving is currently a £60 fine (which may rise to £1,000 if the matter is dealt with in court) plus three penalty points. However, motorists caught driving dangerously while using a handheld phone may face a jail sentence under current Crown Prosecution Service guidelines. In addition, motorists involved in an accident while using a handheld device may find that their insurance cover is invalidated.

Harman protests her innocence, but given her driving record it’s hard to see how she can keep her licence if convicted, and given the way Labour protects its own that’s one big IF.

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  1. No mention of the most serious charge of leaving the scene of an accident which carries a 6 month custodial sentence. This is no more than a show trial to give us mere common folk a sense that justice has been done. It has not and will never be!

  2. perhaps she’ll see if she can hang on until after the election? she’ll have enough ex MPs who’ll be reverting back to the day job..that is in the legal profession.Perhaps spliffy could get a job as the prison cook??? wouldn’t this be marvelous if she goes down? Hold that thought! Yeuggh!

  3. I wonder if she will put the really expensive brief on expenses.
    Lets hope she goes down.

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