Climategate – Labour Government Attempts To Stop Met Office Re-Examining 160 Years Of Climate Data

Climategate rumbles ever onwards unravelling the AGW lie day by day, as the pressure builds so some organisations like the Met Office realise that they can no longer ignore the problems caused by the leaked documents from UEA.

The Met Office plans to re-examine 160 years of climate data as the Met Office realises that public confidence in the validity of the Climate Change data is shattered by Climategate. The evaluation of the data will take approximately 3 years, with the results unlikely to be available before 2012.

Gordon Brown, Ed Milliband and the Government are trying to stop the Met Office from carrying out the re-examination, arguing that it would be seized upon by climate change sceptics.
James Hansen the world’s leading Climate Change proponent who convinced governments of global warming now says “it would be better for the planet and for future generations if next week’s Copenhagen climate change summit ended in collapse.” So Brown is now referring to someone whose ideas he once followed without question as a Climate Change Sceptic.

Why is Brown so desperate to force through a deal based on flawed and erroneous data?

Al Gore has backed away from Copenhagen, Obama is now turning up for the end not the beginning of Copenhagen, but still Gordon Brown rolls on inexorably and inflexibly on the same track, until the inevitable U-turn.

The Met Office database is one of three main sources of temperature data analysis on which the UN’s main climate change science body relies for its assessment that global warming is a serious danger to the world. This assessment is the basis for next week’s climate change talks in Copenhagen aimed at cutting CO2 emissions.

In the run up to Copenhagen Saudi Arabia’s chief climate negotiator, Mohammad Al-Sabban said that the CRU e-mail issue will have a “huge impact” on next week’s UN climate summit.
Mr Al-Sabban made clear that he expects it to derail the single biggest objective of the summit – to agree limitations on greenhouse gas emissions.
“It appears from the details of the scandal that there is no relationship whatsoever between human activities and climate change,” he told BBC News.

The BBC is solidly supporting the Government if you search for Climategate on the BBC News site you get 4 results, Google has over 30 million results; search for Copenhagen Must Fail on the BBC there are 0 results, Google has 2.1 million.

There really is a coordinated effort from Government and the State Broadcaster to press ahead with the agenda even though the basis of the agenda  is lies and made up climate data.

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Updated 5th December 2009 14:47 GMT

No 10 Petition: Suspend The Climate Research Unit, University of East Anglia

Updated 5th December 2009 15:27 GMT

At last some noise from Eddy Millichump “Tories are Climate Saboteurs“, the familiar left-wing voice of righteous indignation when caught out. Remember the cries of “Racist” when anyone tried to debate immigration a few years ago? That was when Labour was using uncontrolled immigration to force multiculturalism on the UK.

It’s a safe bet that the righteous indignation of Climate Sabotage is also covering another massive Labour lie.

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