Climategate – The 60 Second Video Everyone Should See And A Climate Of Fear At The Guardian

The video that everyone should see, it illustrates the AGW lie and proves why it is a lie.

Over at the Guardian there are two tales, one of fear and pestilience and another of warmist arrogance and disbelief that everyone does not blindly share their beliefs.

Britain faces a ‘perfect storm’ of water shortage and lack of food, says the government’s chief scientist, and climate change and crop and animal diseases will add to future woes. Science is now striving to find solutions

The government’s chief scientist, Professor John Beddington, has warned.

In Britain, a global food shortage would drive up import costs and make food more expensive, just as the nation’s farmers start to feel the impact of disrupted rainfall and rising temperatures caused by climate change. “If we don’t address this, we can expect major destabilisation, an increase in rioting and potentially significant problems with international migration, as people move to avoid food and water shortages,” he told a conference earlier this year.

The use of the warmist fear weapon again, Climate Change will soon have replaced Iran, Osama Bin Laden and the bogeyman as the catalyst of all bad things that could happen in the world. The warmist propaganda uses could and would, both of which are conditionals and interprets the conditional as an absolute. Something which is shared by warmist science.

Enviornmental uber-intellect Ben Goldacre is stupiifed that 58% of the population do not share his belief in the Church Of Climatology.

So as we career towards a mediocre outcome in Copenhagen, why do roughly half the people in this country not believe in man-made climate change, when the overwhelming majority of scientists do?

This is exacerbated because climate science is difficult. We could discuss everything you needed to know about MMR and autism in an hour. Climate change will take two days of your life, for a relatively superficial understanding: if you’re interested, I’d recommend the IPCC website.

That would be the IPCC that uses climate data and methods from Michael Mann and Phil Jones CRU, the same IPCC that changed 2350 to 2035 as the date for massive glacier melting?

Goldacre recommends the IPCC as a source of valid information, which in itself describes the worth of his article.

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  1. Unfortunately, Climate Change is the new socialism.
    Socialism is pure cack as is ‘global warming’.’s fuckin cold today!
    Explain that Cyclops you bent cunt!

  2. The 60 Second Video Everyone Should See….
    must see

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