Climategate – Copenhagen Total Chaos And No Deal In Sight

The fool and his apprentice

Copenhagen Blues: Obama’s Weak Hand on Climate, and the California Option:

As he prepares to go to Copenhagen for the deeply troubled UN climate change summit, President Barack Obama does so with a weak hand. He has no enacted legislation to brandish, no binding agreements on big greenhouse gas cuts with some of the biggest polluters, and no big financing to aid the developing world of poorer nations.

Which has upset the bunny molestors at the Huffington Post.

Climate deal remains elusive as clock tics away in Copenhagen:

COPENHAGEN — Less than two days before an agreement on climate change is supposed to be wrapped up by heads of state such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama, huge issues remain unresolved at the Copenhagen conference.

On Wednesday evening, Canada’s Environment Minister Jim Prentice said four dozen countries were still waiting for a high-level Danish text to discuss, but none was forthcoming.

As the summit disintergrates so the warmists are turning each on other as each disparate group tries to be more righteous that the other.

Climate Crackdown: UN Bars Friends of the Earth and Other Environmental Groups from Climate Talks:

The crackdown around the UN climate talks in Copenhagen is intensifying. Earlier today the United Nations suspended several mainstream environmental groups and barred members from re-entering the conference.

Bad day for Greenpeace as CFACT target the Green lies of Greenpeace

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