Climategate – Copenhagen Ends And Discredited Climatologist Michael Mann Breaks His Silence

Michael Mann fabricator of the data of Climate Change and the infamous “Hockey Stick” has broken his silence in the Washington Post. Mann is currently under suspension from Penn State University where both his science and methods are under investigation; Mann was heavily involved with Phil Jones and his Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia where the Climategate emails, were leaked from, not hacked.

As can be expected what Mann has to say is as about as credible as his “fudged climate data”:

The hacked e-mails have been mined for words and phrases that can be distorted to misrepresent what the scientists were discussing. In a Dec. 9 op-ed, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin argued that “The e-mails reveal that leading climate ‘experts’ . . . manipulated data to ‘hide the decline’ in global temperatures.” Yet the e-mail she cites was written in 1999, just after the warmest year ever recorded (1998) to that date. It could not possibly have referred to the claim that global temperatures have declined over this decade — a claim that is false (the current decade, as has been recently reported, will go down as the warmest on record).

This is the second standard warmist Climategate defence, the first is the emails were 10 years old; both defences have been proved to be lies. Let me state categorically again Mann is lying, we have all the Climategate files including the programs.

In the same e-mail, Jones uses the phrase “hide the decline” in reference to work by tree-ring expert Keith Briffa. Because tree-ring information has been found to correlate well with temperature readings, it is used to plot temperatures going back hundreds of years or more. Briffa described a phenomenon in which the density of wood exhibits an enigmatic decline in response to temperature after about 1960. This decline was the focus of Briffa’s original article, and Briffa was clear that these data should not be used to represent temperatures after 1960. By saying “hide the decline,” Jones meant that a diagram he was producing was not to show those data during the unreliable post-1960 period.

The telling part is the comments from readers:

“The emails do not alter the evidence for climate change one iota.”
Of course not, the “scientists” writing the emails altered it


You can read Mann’s attempt to diffuse Climategate here or skip the Mann rubbish and the read the comments here.

Mann and the CRU provided the vast bulk of the data used by the IPCC, just days later the IPCC say Mann has no credibility, a real eureka moment for the IPCC at last, they are correct about something.

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