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Climategate – The BBC’s Unhealthy Connection With Michael Mann

The letter from Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen to the BBC complaining about their selective omissions from a program on Anthropogenic Global Warming makes clear that the respected scientist considers the BBC to be broadcasting “Sophisticated Government Climate Change Propaganda”, this is not the first time that the BBC have been accused of AGW bias.

Searching through the Climategate emails for “BBC” gives some interesting results as in this email sent on 12th October 2009 to Michael Mann about an article on the BBC website about “What happend to Global Warming”. Michael Mann is suprised that the BBC are not following the AGW line, especially as the Telegraph and many blogs including this one reported this a change of attitude on the BBC’s reporting. Mann in his email says: “

We may do something about this on RealClimate, but meanwhile it might be appropriate for the Met Office to have a say about this, I might ask Richard Black what’s up here?”

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Suprise that the BBC is not following the AGW line and broadcasting only IPCC and CRU propaganda, what happend to impartial reporting? Read the rest of this entry

BBC Broadcasts Sophisticated Government Climate Change Propaganda

Dr. Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen in a letter to the BBC:

“However, a number of outright mistakes and omission created enough bias to turn the programme into sophisticated UK government propaganda.”

The letter points out some interesting facts about carbon capture:

“In any case, if carbon capture and sequestration becomes eligible for carbon trading, taxpayers would have to pay for the ‘evil’ gas to be injected (at huge cost) back into depleting gas and oil fields, thereby increasing their yield”

When they talk of carbon capture it is normally pumping the gas into old mine workings, little mention is made of using the CO2 to pump out the last of the oil and gas from fields nearing the end of production. This has the makings of a very profitable scam for governments and oil companies who between them make the cost of energy spiral ever upward, they can then charge for the carbon capture which is then used to force more fossil fuels out of the ground and make more profits and tax in a self-perpetuating scheme.

Lastly, you paid too little to attention to a major consequence of the prevailing blame game. The accusation that global warming is the alleged responsibility of the rich and the ‘West’, is already leading to bribery, dubious aid streams and the ignoring of other factors causing poverty and disasters in poor, badly governed nations.

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Gordon Brown And Labour’s Worst Moments In 2009

2009 has been Gordon Brown’s annus horribilis (yes there is probably a Mandelchump joke in there) the financial saviour of the world could not save his own country, as the financial predictions of Brown and Darling were proved not only wrong, but so wide of the mark as to be laughable.

The scandal of MP’s expenses exploded in to the news courtesy of the Telegraph, and continues to cause massive tidal waves with today’s news that the Met Police have sent 2 further files on MP’s to the Crown Prosecution Service, making a total of 6 MPs and Lords in the frame. The expenses scandal initially reflected badly on the Government and Gorbals Mick the speaker, then backfired on Gordon Brown as he has had to pay back more money he should not have claimed.

The things claimed have verged from the ridiculous to fraud for non-existent mortgages, there will doubtless be some sacrificial lambs next year to satisfy the blood lust of voters rightly incensed over the abuse of taxpayers money by people they trusted.

The rising number of casualties in Afghanistan, the shortage of helicopters, equipment and funding blew up and did Brown, Ainsworth and Labour no favours.

Gordon Brown’s inability to admit there will have to be cuts in spending, the infamous 10% Tory cuts smear when government departments were preparing 20% cuts, 50% income tax and the resumption of class war and politics of envy have all failed to resonate with the public.

Then there was the slow motion car crash of the Labour party conference, the Sun pulling the plug on Labour support and Mandelson redefining the meaning of “Chump”. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Will Carbon Offsetting For Cats And Dogs Be The New Eco Facist Scam For 2010

Frosty is now more of an environmental hazard than the Range Rover

PARIS (AFP) – Man’s best friend could be one of the environment’s worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.

But the revelation in the book “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living” by New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale has angered pet owners who feel they are being singled out as troublemakers.

Cats have an eco-footprint of about 0.15 hectares, slightly less than driving a Volkswagen Golf for a year, while two hamsters equates to a plasma television and even the humble goldfish burns energy equivalent to two mobile telephones.

You just could not make this up, the eco facists will stop at nothing to try and control every aspect of our lives.

From what they have said so far: Aardvark will be living in a mud hut, burning wood for fuel, eating only vegetables, with out a car and because horses and cattle are such polluters Mrs A will be pulling the plough.

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Tuesday’s Caption Competition Sponsored By The Church of Climatology

Hat tip and many thanks to David Forward at Tractor Stats for permission to use his artwork, if you haven’t seen Tractor Stats it’s well worth the visit.

Climategate – Copenhagen Fails Fidel Castro Joins The Church of Climatology

Fidel Castro Communist Dictator

Copenhagen proved that the real agenda was one world socialist government through the back door, and the latest ranting for the Green cause comes from none other than Fidel Castro.

Communism and religion have never co-existed easily together so it is very surprising that Castro should join the Church of Climatology, but then with Brown and the EU desperate to give away billions for their global socialist government, should we be surprised?

According to the news agencies, he affirmed that he had received a mandate from the Bolivian people to oppose any agreement if the final declaration fails to meet expectations. He explained that climate change is not the cause but the effect, that we have an obligation to defend the rights of Mother Earth against the model of capitalist development, the culture of life against the culture of death. He spoke of the climate debt that the rich countries must pay to the poor countries, and the return of atmospheric space seized from the latter.

Morales described as ‘ridiculous” the figure of $10 billion offered per year up until 2012 when, in reality, hundreds of billions of dollars are needed every year. He also accused the US of spending trillions of dollars on exporting terrorism to Iraq and Afghanistan and establishing military bases in Latin America.

This was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the whole article is priceless and the comments, well let’s just say Australians are known for saying what they think!

Hat tip to Andrew Bolt for this story

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Climategate – Copenhagen IPCC Boss Dr Rajendra Pachauri Says “Climategate Is All Lies”

Dr Rajendra Pachauri

The chairman of the IPCC Dr Rajendra Pachauri has produced his nothing to see here defence to the Climategate emails, this was the defence used by suspended Penn State scientist Michael Mann in the Washington Post at the weekend.

James Delingpole in the Telegraph:

Surely not even an organisation as a corrupt and dishonest as the IPCC can afford to keep Dr Rajendra Pachauri on as its chairman after the weekend’s damning revelations by Christopher Booker and Richard North?

But Pachauri – with all the chutzpah we have come to expect of our favourite jetsetting, millionaire, troll-impersonating railway engineer – is not going down without a fight. Just as he did after Climategate, Pachauri has produced his classic ‘nothing to see here’ ‘Big Brother knows best’ defence.

In an interview with the Times of India he says:

‘‘These are a pack of lies from people who are getting desperate. They want to go after the guy whose voice is being heard. I haven’t pocketed a single penny from my association with companies and institutes. All honoraria that I get goes to TERI and to its Light a Billion Lives campaign for reaching solar power to people without electricity. All my dealings are totally above board.’’

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The Scandal of Homeless Ex-Service People Update

One of the advantages of running a blog site, is that from time to time you can let rip about something you are not happy about; so today Aardvark is taking a break from political blogging to climb on his anthill to talk about the scandal of homeless ex-service people

This country has failed it’s service and women consistently, and without exception, in the aftermath of every war since we became a so-called modern nation.

A war comes along, we call on our people to fight, and when it’s over we turn our backs on them.

The blame can be attached to every government, be they Conservative, Labour or Liberal, they have all failed monumentally.

More people who saw combat in the Falklands War have committed suicide since the war ended, than were killed in the fighting.

Think about it for a moment, it’s not only a scandal, it’s far worse than that as hundred’s of human tragedies are acted out alone and in the pit of despair.

On the Veterans Aid screen under Donate there is the text “Help give a homeless veteran a bed for the night”; this makes Aardvark feel very ashamed to live in a country where this has happened for decades.

You think after serving your time in the Army society will accept you,” he says, “but they don’t and no one helps. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Copenhagen Fails What To Expect From Mainstream TV Stations

The Anthropogenic Global Warming and one world government movement have taken a knock from Climategate and Copenhagen that they are unlikely to bounce back from. There will be attempts in Germany and Mexico to fan the flames of wealth redistribution and global socialism backed up by coordinated propaganda as Brown and Milliband attempt to convince the largely unbelieving population that the planet is getting warmer.

At the spearhead of the propaganda onslaught will be the BBC brainwashed and trusting in Mann and the IPCC , Channel 4 spreading the message of guilt about the industrial revolution; the same evil guilt ridden industrial revolution’s wealth they are so desperate to give away and then there is Sky.

Sky whose discussion boards are so censored that any post being critical of Gordon Brown has a half-life shorter than a meson, any post discussing Climategate lasts even less time and the willing way they followed Gordon Brown’s news blackout on Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General would have brought a smile to Robert Mugabe’s face.

Latest Sky weather person to join the Church of Climatology is Francis Wilson, who through out 2010 will be giving figures on greenhouse gas emissions with the weather forecast.

Expect the usual climate of fear and terror as the meaningless figures are hyped up and a largely bemused audience is left wondering why the AGW lie is still being peddled.

The majority of people in the UK don’t believe, just as they don’t belive in the USA, Australia, Canada, EU and countless other nations, the developing world believes in AGW because they are being offered billions of dollars to believe. The supporters of global socialist government wont give up without a fight, as the climate lie drops off the radar it will be guilt that they use as the next weapon to achieve their dream.

Finally the snow on the blog is not festive, it’s ironic; a difficult concept for any socialist eco fascist but it amuses the hell out of Aardvark.

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Climategate – Copenhagen Ends And Discredited Climatologist Michael Mann Breaks His Silence

Michael Mann fabricator of the data of Climate Change and the infamous “Hockey Stick” has broken his silence in the Washington Post. Mann is currently under suspension from Penn State University where both his science and methods are under investigation; Mann was heavily involved with Phil Jones and his Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia where the Climategate emails, were leaked from, not hacked.

As can be expected what Mann has to say is as about as credible as his “fudged climate data”:

The hacked e-mails have been mined for words and phrases that can be distorted to misrepresent what the scientists were discussing. In a Dec. 9 op-ed, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin argued that “The e-mails reveal that leading climate ‘experts’ . . . manipulated data to ‘hide the decline’ in global temperatures.” Yet the e-mail she cites was written in 1999, just after the warmest year ever recorded (1998) to that date. It could not possibly have referred to the claim that global temperatures have declined over this decade — a claim that is false (the current decade, as has been recently reported, will go down as the warmest on record).

This is the second standard warmist Climategate defence, the first is the emails were 10 years old; both defences have been proved to be lies. Let me state categorically again Mann is lying, we have all the Climategate files including the programs.

In the same e-mail, Jones uses the phrase “hide the decline” in reference to work by tree-ring expert Keith Briffa. Because tree-ring information has been found to correlate well with temperature readings, it is used to plot temperatures going back hundreds of years or more. Briffa described a phenomenon in which the density of wood exhibits an enigmatic decline in response to temperature after about 1960. This decline was the focus of Briffa’s original article, and Briffa was clear that these data should not be used to represent temperatures after 1960. By saying “hide the decline,” Jones meant that a diagram he was producing was not to show those data during the unreliable post-1960 period.

The telling part is the comments from readers:

“The emails do not alter the evidence for climate change one iota.”
Of course not, the “scientists” writing the emails altered it


You can read Mann’s attempt to diffuse Climategate here or skip the Mann rubbish and the read the comments here.

Mann and the CRU provided the vast bulk of the data used by the IPCC, just days later the IPCC say Mann has no credibility, a real eureka moment for the IPCC at last, they are correct about something.

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