Gordon Brown Repeatedly Blocked Purchase Of Life Saving Equipment For Our Troops

Gordon Brown repeatedly blocked life saving equipment for our Forces

Aardvark’s faith in the natural balance and the order of things was restored in part, by the leaking of the Climategate files. The timing was superb and finally someone with morals and principals who could no longer stomach the lies and hidden agenda of Michael Mann, Phil Jones and the IPCC acted. The Church of Climatology and the ManBearPig believers will say that the CRU server was hacked, the specific content of what was leaked calls the hacking theory into question, unless the hacker was able to spend hours in the CRU network this is unlikely.

The latest leak to do damage to a prolonged and orchestrated lie concerns Gordon Brown; Brown’s whole political reputation has been built on and by lies, deceit, smears and bullying.

All through 2009 arguments raged as stories of equipment shortages especially helicopters, made the headlines. Brown, the Cabinet and Labour supporters all denied the shortage of equipment, launched into a campaign of smears and lies against General Officers and in one instance a family member. The smears and lies got so bad that Bob Ainsworth issued an order to his ministers to stop smearing General Officers.

Just like Climategate and MP’s expenses another person has had enough of the lies and leaked letters where Gordon Brown, as Chancellor repeatedly prevented then defence minister Geoff Hoon from ordering equipment that would have saved lives on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The leaked letters show Brown personally overturned earlier Treasury assurances that the Ministry of Defence would be free to spend extra cash on troop-carrying helicopters for Iraq and Afghanistan.

In one letter sent in 2004, Hoon warned that, if Brown refused to back down, “We would have to scale back on major equipment programmes.” He went on to claim that the helicopter programme in particular would suffer.

The leaked letters show how Brown’s actions during the crucial period of 2002 to 2004 meant that military chiefs were unable to buy new helicopters which could now be in service in Afghanistan.

The lack of air support has forced British troops to take dangerous journeys by road, exposing them to deadly Taliban bombs.

Military chiefs have long complained that the Treasury under Brown starved them of resources. Only now, however, can Brown’s personal involvement in the battles with the MoD be disclosed.

Once again Gordon Brown and Labour have lied and sold our Armed Forces short, there is a General Election coming up and if you care for the lives of our service people then voting Labour is not really an option.

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  1. Moorlandhunter

    Again it proves that Brown is a serial liar and as the man with his finger on the button and in charge of the UK forces this shows just how bad he is and how little regard he has for our soldier’s lives.
    I hate Brown almost as much as I hate Blair for they have harmed our country and continue to heap ruin on it. Poor Britain, poor us.

  2. I do so hope that the sleazy pay per view media get a hold of this.

  3. That boid, brown lover, Mr Craig1 Hypocrite should hang his head in shame for his continual support for this man who put our troops in danger.

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