Al-Muhajiroun And Islam4UK Are Banned By UK Government

Islam4UK Banned as of midnight 14th January 2010

Anjem Choudary and Islam4UK shot into the headlines with their planned march on the town of Wotton Bassett.

The planned insult to our war dead and their families backfired badly with a national outburst of anger, and widespread condemnation from all sections of society.

News today that Home Secretary Alan Johnson has declared Al-Muhajiroun And Islam4UK proscribed organisations under the anti Terror laws, from 14th January 2010 it will be a criminal offence to become a member of these groups, or to attend or address any meetings in their name. Maximum penalty is 10 years in prison and their web sites will have to be shutdown and raising funds in support of proscribed organisations is also a crminal offence.

Choudary has shared public platforms with convicted terrorists and is claiming a victory for his organisation by having it banned.

Aardvark blogged a few days ago about the Islam For UK Leader Gets More Money On Benefits Than Our Soldiers Earn which does beggar the question why is the leader of an organisation that has been under surveillance getting state benefits in excess of £25,000 a year?

What attempts has he made to find work and come off benefits?

Why does Choudary get £7,000 a year more than people who are  fighting and dying to protect us from treasonous vermin like Choudary and Islam4UK?

Alan Johnson should be commended for at last doing something about Islamic militants in the UK, but in all honesty it’s too little to late and given the way that Labour have until now bent over backwards not to offend Islam, it’s more than likely a cynical pre General Election ploy, as Brown’s spindoctors have probably worked out there are potentially more votes in not offending the majority and instead offending a minority of wannbe jihadis.

This is what is currently on the Islam4UK Website

This is press release from Choudary reproduced in full:

The announcement by the Brown regime to proscribe Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK is a victory for Islam and Muslims.

When one looks at the terrorism act one can see that the majority of the organisations that have been proscribed under it are Muslim based, in other words, terrorism for the British regime translates as anyone calling for the implementation of the Shari’ah and the liberation of Muslim land.

The hypocrisy of the British government is in the fact that the dictionary definition of terrorism is, “The use of violence against a community or section of the community for political purposes”, which is precisely what the British government are doing through their foreign policy in Iraq and Afghanistan and through their domestic policy via the many draconian laws which have been introduced primarily against the Muslim community.

The ban for Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK comes after the announcement of a peaceful procession in Wootton Bassett to highlight the atrocities which have been and are being committed by the British regime supposedly within the framework of freedom of expression. However, what is clear is that if you differ with the Brown regime and those who advocate freedom and democracy and whose citizens are supposedly dying for these ideals abroad, then freedom quickly dissipates to be replaced by dictatorship.

The announcement of the ban by Alan Johnson this morning is a clear case of the oppressor and tyrant blaming the oppressed. Britain has today become an apartheid state, where Muslims are treated as second class citizens. The freedom of expression excuse is used to allow demonstrations against mosques, to allow the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to be abused, for people to shout vitriol against Islam and Muslims publicly and yet when Muslims merely stand up and say that we are being oppressed, that our brothers and sisters are being murdered, that the government must tell the truth about their policies then it is us and not the real criminals who are targeted.

The banning of ideological and political movements such as Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK who have never advocated or been involved in any violent or military style activities is an evident failure for democracy and freedom; unlike man-made law Allah (SWT) does not give you a right today only to take it away from you tomorrow, this is the superiority of Islam over man-made law.

Today’s ban is another nail in the coffin of capitalism and another sign of the revival of Islam and Muslims. We can see that like our messengers and prophets and our pious predecessors who too were subject to arrests, torture, murder and banning, that when you walk in their footsteps and struggle for what they struggled for i.e. for people to worship, follow and obey nothing except Allah that the Pharaoh will do what the Pharaoh of yesterday did.

Hence, we are not surprised at this latest attack against Islam and Muslims. Indeed, if the Brown regime and its predecessor under Blair can engage in murdering Muslims abroad and occupying Muslim land and subject Muslims to humiliating stop and search measures and outrageously long sentences then a ban is a minor unjust action in comparison.

We will continue to be a part of the Muslim community globally and as Muslims we can never stop praying or fasting or indeed commanding good and forbidding evil which is incumbent on every Muslim. Therefore, those who believe that the voice of Islam can be silenced through threats, bans, arrests or torture (in which the government is also involved through extraordinary rendition), then they are very wrong.

Verily, the messenger Muhammad (saw) said, “Allah showed me the east of the east and the west of the west and I saw that my authority was over the whole of it.”

Therefore, we will one day liberate our land from occupation and implement the Shari.ah not just in Muslim countries but also right here in Great Britain. This is something that we believe in, live by and hope that in our lifetime we will witness.

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  1. as these organisations have no been made illegal, surely Choudary and his associates can now be safely arrested and where applicable deported. Or would that be too sensible a solution

  2. As Choudary and his bully boys hate the UK so much why dont they just foxtrot oscar to pakistan, saudi or one of those other wonderful muslim countries. Maybe the reason they don’t is that they wouldn’t receive a penny there without actually having to work for it. They are just lazy parasites, and not muslims at all.

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