Gordon Brown Makes Cynical And Desperate Appeal To Middle England

An increasingly worried and desperate Gordon Brown is back trying to woo the votes of Middle England with a speech at the left-wing Fabian Society.

In what amounts to a campaign U turn Brown is now abandoning class warfare and returning to the values of New Labour, gone is the rhetoric of the 50p Tax Rate and class war slogans of the Labour Party conference; Mandelson has said the 50p Tax Rate must go as soon as possible so that is now Brown’s policy.

Brown opened his speech with:

“It is quite clear that our opponents do not understand the needs and worries of middle income Britain.

“Because they have rejected the very economic policy that is the key to creating the middle class jobs of the future.

The so called middle class jobs are another lie like British Jobs For British Workers, Brown knew when he said that it was illegal under the rules of his beloved EU; just as British Jobs was a lie so is the Green Jobs revolution also a lie.

Finally, following Mr Brown’s earlier boast that his “green revolution” will create “400,000 green jobs”, there was the revelation that more than 90 per cent of the £2 billion cost of Britain’s largest offshore wind farm project to date, the Thames Array, will go to companies abroad, because Britain has virtually no manufacturing capacity.

After ignoring the so called middle classes for 13 years Labour now suddenly are going to be the party of Middle England

“They have said that if you are middle class you should not expect that children’s centres will be available to you, that if you are middle class child tax credits should not be available to you, that if you are middle class there will be no child trust fund available to you.

”They’ve said there’ll be no cancer guarantee for you, no check up guarantee, no waiting time guarantee, no GP guarantee, no tuition guarantee, no school standards guarantee, no skills guarantee.

”And they have said they will erode many of the universal services which gives us something beyond price – a sense of community.”

Actually what the Conservatives have said is that is you earn £50k or more a year, why should you get tax credits and other benefits? What is unreasonable about being on twice the national average salary and not getting state hand outs?

“I believe the defining mission of New Labour in the coming decade should be nothing less than to unleash a wave of social mobility not seen in this country since the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

“I believe in an aspirational Britain. Opportunity and reward cannot be hoarded at the top, and it is not enough just to protect people at the bottom. I want to see the talents and potential of all the British people fulfilled: social mobility for the majority. ”

If a week is a long time in politics then 13 years of Labour is an eternity and Brown is more than usually deluded if he thinks that the middle classes have forgotten the raids on their pension funds, huge tax increases and a reduction in social mobility.

Brown harps on about his middle class upbringing, yet he has spent his political life at war with the middle classes, so this attempt to pretend to be their champion is cynically laughable.

Aspiration under Gordon Brown and any Labour government is largely pointless as they will eventually find a new way to tax success, aspire to a better car Brown has tax for that, improve your home and Brown has an a more draconian tax regime to in the pipeline to penalise you.

Should Labour win the General Election then within a month a major Council Tax revaluation will begin of all 23 million homes in the country.

That is when the so-called “class war” revaluation of ­England’s 23 million homes will begin. If you live in a “desirable” street in a “nice neighbourhood” you are likely to be hit disproportionately by higher council tax bills in the first ­nationwide revaluation since 1991.

With a General Election expected on May 6, a fourth-term Labour ­government would drive forward its tax overhaul, starting the revaluation from June 1.

Labour’s plan was exposed after the Government advertised for a firm to run a database “relating to UK residential property”.

The tender notice, which has to be published under EU law, states: “(The data) will support a wide variety of valuation purposes undertaken by HMRC’s executive agency, the Valuation Office Agency, and specifically to improve the quality and ­accuracy of the council tax lists in England and Wales.”

The three-year contract, worth £2million, begins on June 1.

The Conservatives have promised to scrap the scheme and freeze Council Tax for 2 years if they are elected.

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  1. The dopey labour core can’t work out tht stealth taxes hit them the hardest as it doesn’t take account of earnings.
    If Brown is going to give tax breaks to the middle class then who pays the debts?

  2. Moorlandhunter

    Brown’s twisting over this issue that he will now support the middle class is just another sign of the desperation of Brown and his bunker cabinet who seem to be making up policy for the future of the UK on the back of a fag packet.
    With a straight, jaw dropping face he spouted out more Labour lies that proves that for the last 13 years he and Labour have hammered the middle classes until the pips have squeaked AND still they continue to do so.

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