Climategate – Obama’s Government Does Not List Climate Change As A Top Priority For 2010

This could signal the beginning of the end of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam with a press briefing yesterday by senior Whitehouse adviser David Axelrod.

At a briefing this morning with reporters from The Dallas Morning Newsand other outlets, White House senior advisor David Axelrod didn’t list climate change as a top priority for 2010. (The list basically consisted of finding ways to create jobs and passing a major financial regulation bill.)

While Axelrod said the White House still places a “high priority” on fighting global warming, the nitty-gritty legislative details will have to be worked out by lawmakers of both parties on Capitol Hill. “It’s not going to be solved on a partisan basis,” Axelrod said. What that means is, the Senate bill that passed Barbara Boxer’s Environment and Public Works Committee in November (without any support from Republicans, who basically boycotted the committee’s process) isn’t going anywhere.

This gradual distancing from AGW is starting to take place in other countries as well, we know they will never admit they were wrong, corrupt or duped by dishonest scientists but what is the betting that AGW will gradually be forgotten about and mentioned less and less.

How many people remember the scares of the 1970’s when we were all going to freeze to death?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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