Climategate – Senator Murkowski To Challenge EPA

Republican Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski

Last week when Al Gore broke his post Copenhagen silence and attempted the business as usual statement he did admit that 2010 was going to be a tough year for the Church of Climatology. Gore is particularly upset with Senator Lisa Murkowski.

On December 7th 2009 the US Environmental Protection Agency announced that Greenhouse gases in CO2 pose a threat to human health and welfare as a such the EPA would begin regulating Greenhouse gases from power stations, factories and major industrial polluters. This move was seen by many as a backdoor way for Obama to override Congress and The Senate and force through Cap n Trade and other so called Green measures, by cutting out the democratic process.

This week has been a bad week for Obama, the Democrats and the Church of Climatology. First the Democrats announced that AGW legislation was not the top priority for 2010, then Scott Brown caused a major upset in Massachusetts and destroyed Obama’s super majority in the Senate. The knock on effects of Scott Brown’s victory are only starting to be felt, but the likely casualties will be Obama care and Cap n Trade.

Just 48 hours after Massachusetts Obama received a direct challenge to his governments powers to curb “global warming pollution” from Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, who intends to use an obscure measure to strip the EPA of its powers.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to the EPA’s efforts to impose back-door climate regulations,” Lisa Murkowski told the Senate in prepared remarks. Murkowski’s motion of disapproval, though unlikely to become law, is widely seen as a barometer for the chances of getting a climate change bill through the Senate this year.

In an ominous sign for supporters of a climate law, she had the support of three Democratic Senators, further underscoring the unease in Obama’s own party in enacting legislation to tackle global warming.

Delivering new laws to tackle global warming was not just a key pledge of Obama’s, but is being closely watched around the world as global climate change negotiations struggle to recover from the disappointment of the UN summit in Copenhagen. An environment official in the European Union said: “It’s clearly a setback.”

Even before the upset in Massachusetts, Democrats in the industrial heartland and from oil and coal states were wary – or in some cases flatly opposed – to action on climate change.

Murkowski was joined today by Mary Landrieu, a Democratic Senator from Louisiana who has repeatedly expressed concern for her state’s oil refining business; Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas; and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Murkowski also claimed support from governors of her home state of Alaska, Mississippi and West Virginia as well as business organisations. Jim Webb, a Democrat from Virginia, has also expressed support for Murkowski.

Full story at the Guardian where they have come over all righteous and indignant.

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  1. I think it’s about time the West forget this nonsensical idea altogether about Climate change. If any countries have to get their act together, they are India and China. Pollution is so heavy and they need to clear the enviroment over their own skies. That’s all it ever is and was, POLLUTION.

  2. Caught this earlier today. Hilarious. Although Landrieu and Nelson are blatantly trying to do penance with angry voters for taking bribes in favor of ObamaCare, it’s a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t an oncoming train.

    I still want to see the EPA in court defending its CO2 “hazard” ruling based on “data” from the IPCC, NASA and NOAA. There would be open laughter in the courtroom.

    • I want to see a LOT of court cases in the USA about the climate change fraud. Being the USA, it will be more difficult to put a news blackout on them.
      It would also help if some court cases started in Europe as well. “misuse of public funds” against Phil Jones would be a good start.
      Not to mention the can of worms in the EU Commission which is also responsible for a large part of the insanity.

  3. There are a lot of people who need to be called to account over the AGW scam.

    High on the the list must be the leaders of countries for whom the science is setteled, followed closely by Gore Mann, Jones, Pachuari all on corruption and fraud charges. Time for some of those 99 year American sentences than Mann can do a study on wear and tear when he drops the soap in the shower 😀

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