Climategate – Banks And Investors Pull Out Of Carbon Trading

The Copenhagen summit was a failure despite efforts to hype what was achieved, the scope of the failure is being amply demonstrated by banks and investors who are rapidly pulling out of the Carbon trading market. This will be a major blow to organised crime in the EU who have running a €5 billion VAT fraud on Carbon trading.

When the money pulls out out of a project the end must surely be in sight and this looks now to the case with Carbon trading.

Carbon financiers have already begun leaving banks in London because of the lack of activity and the drop-off in investment demand. The Guardian has been told that backers have this month pulled out of a large planned clean-energy project in the developing world because of the expected fall in emissions credits after 2012.

Banks had been scaling back their plans to invest in carbon markets before Copenhagen. Fewer new clean energy projects need to be financed as, because of the recession, there are fewer global emissions to offset. The price of carbon credits has also fallen, while plans to introduce national trading schemes, particularly in the US and Australia, remain uncertain.

Despite constant denials about Climategate and setteled science the money wont hang around for a lost cause and Anthropogenic Global Warming is a lost cause.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Excellent. Now all we need are a few dozen arrests for fraud and I will be truly happy. I think we might see this in the USA which should get the flatfoots over here to move away from the donut van and take a bit of action….perhaps.

  2. For those who haven’t heard of it I highly recommend John Costella’s analysis of the emails (google: climategate costella). It is absolutely worth the read. He does an excellent, if not miraculous, job of filling in the blanks such as acronyms, participants, initials, ramifications of email comments.

    I consider this a must read for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of emails. Once a person reads it they will see just how underhanded the “scientists” are and how easily they manipulate the press.

    Truly amazing.

  3. I would like to see Al Gore, Michael Mann and a few of their buddies at Penn State and in the US Department of Energy put out to pasture where they can browse to their hearts’ content, creating methane and CO2.

  4. Can’t you people in the US get a grand jury or two to return true bills on all this?

    Your law enforcement is much more people based than ours in the UK.

    Here even if someone mounted a private prosecution the CPS has the power to take it over and discontinue it.

    Go for it! even if it takes you time and energy.

  5. Not true, Copenhagen did wonders for the private jet and limo trade.

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