Climategate – World Economic Forum Will Try To Revive AGW

Gordon Brown at the WEF

The World Economic Forum is meeting at Davos, Switzerland for the next 6 days starting today.

The WEF is all about globalisation and one world government and many of the speakers at Davos will be the same con artists and snake oil salesman that were at Copenhagen, clogging up airports with private jets, and having limos shipped in from Sweden and Germany as Denmark did not have enough “gas guzzlers” for the “Green” delegates.

The ideological mantra for Davos is “Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild” and of course Anthropogenic Global Warming is the most likely candidate for the three R’s. The WEF idea of globalisation is wealth redistribution, one world government and a mixture of fear and guilt for developed countries, the flagship policy to achieve this is man made Climate Change.

Here are the events concerning AGW:

January 29th 2010

From Copenhagen to Mexico: What’s Next?
Date: 29.01.2010
Time: 10:15-11:30
Location: Congress Hall, Congress Centre
The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen did not reach a definitive global solution on carbon emissions.

What immediate steps should governments, businesses and civil society take towards a long-term climate path that is both environmentally effective and economically efficient?

Climate Change: Financing Urgent Adaptation
Date: 29.01.2010
Time: 12:30-14:00
Location: Auditorium, Swiss Alpine High School (SAMD)
The immediate and most critical consequences of climate change affect countries which have contributed least to global warming. Developing countries need up to 200 billion euros yearly to fight drought, lack of water, floods and deforestation limitation, and to introduce friendly energy sources. Therefore, immediate financial help from developed countries is of vital importance to such countries.

How should adaptation measures be financed in fast-developing nations and developing countries to protect the climate? Which financing instruments are effective?

How can international solutions coordinate climate change? What were the results of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen?

What are the costs of inactivity?

What would a more radical questioning of our growth and prosperity mean?

This session is co-organized with the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches (SEK-FEPS).

Business as usual for the Church of Climatology ignoring every aspect of Climategate and Glaciergate.

Europe’s Role on the Global Stage
Date: 29.01.2010
Time: 20:00-22:00
Location: Fluela Restaurant, Hotel Fluela
As the international community increasingly focuses on the “G2”, Europe faces the task of defining its role in the new world order.

How can Europe reassert and reposition its leadership on global issues as diverse as climate change, international security and international trade?

30th January 2010

Connecting a Carbon- and Time-constrained World
Date: 30.01.2010
Time: 14:00-16:00
Location: Scaletta East/West, Hotel Belvédère
Every year 1 billion people and 10 billion tons of cargo travel around the world; every day people spend an average 80 minutes commuting.

What institutions and business models will be needed to connect a carbon- and time-constrained world?

Rethinking Trade and Climate Change
Date: 30.01.2010
Time: 17:00-18:30
Location: Sanada 1+ 2, Congress Centre
Multilateral efforts to increase international trade and to reduce carbon emissions have surfaced important policy linkages between the two global issues.

How can trade and climate agreements be aligned so that trade becomes a driver for low-carbon growth, rather than carbon becoming the cause of trade conflicts?

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Pray somebody finds a link between Pachauri financial inerests and at least one of these imbecile politicians

  2. >>>What institutions and business models will be needed to connect a carbon- and time-constrained world? <<<

    Dear Gordon Brown,
    Well, I am glad you asked.

    O.K. lets get started. First you'll need really big windmills that mount on top of trains so that we can dis the diesel powering those dirty locomotives.

    Next, we'll also need to invent a fleet of nuclear powered planes so that we can all make the annual climate change meetings. hmmmm. .. nuclear planes.. will that upset the other green tribes… hmmmm… Well, we'll just carry signs in front of each others rallys until it works itself out.

    Thank god we can replace tractors with horses on the farm. At least we know how to do that. But what will we do with all of that doo doo!? I feel a song in the making!

    As for cars, here I suggest using a Russian protocol

    NO CARS PERMITTED! Comrade, if you really need to go somewhere, just imagine that you already been there and didn't like it!

    But commisar, What about getting to a hospital if I need to. No hospitals! You need to cooperate with the state and quickly die so someone can inherit your carbon footprint … You will not want hospital so why we have hospitals? NO HOSPITALS! Gee, I sound like I just returned from Copenhagen! I guess I must have been inspired by all of those sickle and hammer flags in the streets.

    I guess we really don't "need" air conditioning . We'll just sweat like our grandparents. Thankfully I don't live in South Texas or South Fla. But its really cold where I live. I hope that I'll be allowed to heat at least a small corner of my house and office. Office? What office? I forgot I can't drive to an office. O.K., now I really see the bright side to this. I no longer have to work. In fact, the climate police will likely force me not to work so that I can reduce my carbon footprint to near zero. Does my carbon footprint include rubber shoe soles?

    While we're on the subject of cooling stuff, I guess we can probably scrap refrigeration also. We do know how to dry and can food. Oops, I guess we'll have to scrap the canning nonsense since that requires heat. No big deal, we'll just eat raw dry salted foods. This could work… I do like sushi and steak tartar! Oh dang, I forgot, somehow we'll have to transport that meat from the ocean to my house and with no refrigeration, and wind powered trains, I might taste like road-kill by the time it arrives. hmmmm – I never ate road-kill, but maybe I'll like it!

    I might be able to give up cooked food, and I might be able to live in a house which roasts me in the summer and freezes me in the winter if they just let me have a few cold beers every day. But, realistically, I doubt that the climate cops will be that permissive. Afterall, if we are going to reduce carbon consumption by 80% by 2050, which I think that's something like 95% on per capita basis, our benevolent comrade climate police must allow no cheating at the rank and file level. And we will all be rank, because no one will want to shower in cold water.
    Well if I must eat road-kill while living in a freezing or swealtering house, which has no cold brewskis to help me relax, I think I'll just take matters into my own hands and move on to the next dimension. If I arrive before GB does, I think I'll let all of the dim2 residents know what GB did to the quality of life on earth to get him barred so he can't get in! If my new dim2 buds like cold brewskis as much as I do, I predict that the door will be locked for ole GB!

  3. These meetings are all about uniting the world into one big government, with one world leader.
    These are the closing days of time and this world is gearing for this world leader to take control. The identity of this man is still a mystery, but, the world will soon know him. This is the main reason for these meetings. Time will tell.

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