Climategate – Guardian Warming Alarmist Attacks Telegraph Non Believer

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One thing that is consistent about the Guardian and their Titanic band approach to AGW journalism there is always an new article in Environment that is worthy of comment.

This particular item concerns one George Monbiot at the Guardian and AGW non believer James Delingpole at the Telegraph. There is history between these two journalists and now Monbiot has fanned the flames again by getting upset with a story that Delingpole wrote last week about eco bullying of Conservative Parliamentary candidates

Monbiot does not so much occupy the moral high ground, as permantely squats there casting high and noble judgements on those who do not follow ManBearPig.

I think I have worked out where commentator James Delingpole is coming from. He pretends to be a climate change denier and enemy of environmentalists. In reality he’s a mole, paid by Greenpeace to inflict as much damage on the anti-green cause as possible. And he’s doing a marvellous job.

His blog posts for the Telegraph consist of the kind of ill-informed viciousness provided for free by trolls on comment threads everywhere, but raised by an order of magnitude. He puts a wrecking ball through any claims the denial lobby might have to being civilised, intelligent or serious. His followers act as an echo-chamber, magnifying his nastiness. Between them they succeed in alienating anyone who might want an informed debate. But this week he surpassed himself.

On Sunday he published a letter sent to a Conservative candidate asking about his position on climate change

The same letter was sent to over 200 Conservative party candidates which is more of a mailshot than a concerend voter asking questions of someone who could be elected to Parliament for their constituency.

Anyway, James should be congratulated for a magnificent attempt to do even more damage to his purported cause. Greenpeace is doubtless posting another fat cheque to him as I write. Unfortunately his noble and self-sacrificial campaign is probably being waged in vain. If the comments are anything to go by, his regular readers appear to be devoid of humanity, reflection or any sense of irony. However vicious or stupid their spokespeople become, they will still go along with it. George Monbiot.

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  1. Monbiot lost the plot after Climategate. He knows he’s got no intellectual argument so resorts to ad hominems like the rest of his debunked ilk.

  2. It could be argued that Monbiot is a mole for the ‘flat earthers’….

  3. wouldn’t that be libellous.

    I do hope so

  4. I ca think of a few offences already for thes climate change fraudsters

    misuse of public funds
    restraint of trade – this needs to happen in the USA or maybe Germany for all those career blocks. It will take for ever to be heard, but maybe even the prospect of _starting_ an action at the European Court would help

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