UK Flood Protection Bill Doubles To £1bn A Year By 2035 Caused By Climate Change

According to the latest estimate from the Environment Agency around 500,000 homes are at risk from flooding and the bill for flood defences is set to double by 2035.

It’s that year again 2035, made infamous by Glaciergate and making it’s second appearance.

Now Aardvark has every sympathy for people whose homes are flooded every year, a close relative lives near Gloucester and every year without fail they get flooded out.

Rivers have always flooded that is why we learnt about flood plains in Geography, years before the warming alarmists were even thought of; a lot of the most productive farmland is on flood plains. In the scramble for land and house building since World War 2 ended, developers have built where ever they could get planning permission without a thought for flood plains or water tables. In the 1980’s Aardvark was living in Camberley and they built an huge housing estate on what was marshland, to dry the land out they have a number of pumping stations which did indeed dry out the land, which in turned caused subsidence and cost the developer a fortune in under pining when the houses started to sink. Older homes which are subjected to flooding are often very close to rivers whose flow patterns have changed with additions of locks and weirs, as well as silting up with lack of use.

No AGW denier that Aardvark knows denies that the climate changes, it’s the cause of the change which is where the debate lies. There will always be periods of excess rain, too little rain and other natural climatic events. Undeterred as usual by the facts the Guardian is blaming this estimate on man made Climate Change.

After a few brief sentences about the risk of homes flooding it is back to the fear and alarmist hymn sheet:

Climate scientists predict that, by the 2080s, sea levels could be around 70cm higher around the southern parts of the UK, making serious storm surges and floods more frequent.

“What we know from the science of climate change is that weather patterns are going to become more extreme. The risk is going to get greater and we need to up our game in response to that,” said Chris Smith, the EA chairman, in an evidence session to the House of Commons environmental audit committee (EAC) last week.

The article is dominated by two large maps of the UK, one showing a sea level rise of 200 cm and the other 84 metres, warming alarmist fear mongering at it’s very best.

The key word is could, it is time warming alarmists learnt that could is not that likely, it is by no means certain.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. live on a flood plain, expect to be flooded.
    It’s not rocket science. With climate change, it’s not science at all.

    Great I will almost have a beach front property. Lets go for the extreme options. Now where can I get a gas guzzling maxi polluter.

  2. Sea levels 70cm higher around southern UK by 2080’s. Now, to my mind water finds its’ own level, so why just southern uk (or is that where most people live so the story will cause most panic?)

    I think the UK landmass is still ‘bouncing back’ and tilting (north up, south down) after the last ice age, but this has f’kall to do with current climate change.

    If ever these people get a brain they’ll be downright dangerous

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