UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown – The Violent Employer

Collateral Damage an inncocent Nokia killed by Gordon Brown

The vultures are queueing up, not just to pick over the carcass of New Labour but to hasten it’s demise, and that of deeply unpopular Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

A new book to be published on March 1: “The end of the party – The rise and fall of New Labour” by Andrew Rawnsley is set to cause further shockwaves and damage to Gordon Brown and Labour with revelations that Gordon Brown is both violent, and a bully to those who work for him.

Well-placed sources say the Prime Minister has been accused of hitting a senior adviser, pulling a secretary out of her chair and hurling foul-mouthed abuse at aides while distraught over an alleged snub by President Barack Obama.

One female official who has worked for Mr Brown said: ‘Gordon does shout when he gets cross and is not easy to work for. But he gets just as angry with himself. I have never heard of him hitting anyone.’

The claim that Mr Brown hit one of his officials centres on an incident when he was hurrying to a reception for visiting dignitaries. He is alleged to have reacted angrily when he was intercepted by an aide who asked him to attend to another matter.

According to one account, he punched the male official to get him out of the way. Other sources say Mr Brown merely brushed the official aside in a non-aggressive manner because he was running late.

The Prime Minister’s temper is said to have snapped when the secretary failed to keep up as he dictated a memo to her. He reportedly pulled her from her seat and sat at the computer keyboard himself, bashing out the memo.

The aides are said to have found him in his room, semi-clad and in a state of extreme agitation. They were then allegedly subjected to a stream of obscenities as he blamed them for the public-relations fiasco.

Two years ago, Mr Brown is said to have been so angry when told that computer discs containing child-benefit records of 25million people had been lost that he kicked a table hard enough to knock it over. And it was claimed he threw a mobile phone at a Government chauffeur.

The claims are being vigorously denied by Downing Street, so it will be interesting to watch developemnts to see if Gordon Brown sues.

For a Prime Minsiter to sue while in Office is not without precedent, Labour PM Harold Wilson sued the 60’s band The Move over some postcards.

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  1. I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Well I was pretty pissed off about that lost Child Benefit data too. Don’t recall kicking anything but I probably used some fairly colourful language.

    I don’t really care if Gordon brown has a temper, and as for being being a bully? Just looked at right hand man Ed Balls, would a PM who wasn’t a bully himself buddy up with such a thug? Nah, Gordon Brown the bully isn’t news.

    What I DO care about is how he and NeuLabour have turned this country into a sad version of pre-unification East Germany.

  3. I feel so traumatised.

  4. I’m a 100 or so pages in to the Rawnsley book now, and I’ve got to admit, it’s thrilling reading.

    I’ve blogged about the book here, be much appreciated if you could comment with some wise words 🙂

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