Climategate – British Government Conspires Not To Prosecute And The Eco Stupidity Of Gordon Brown

Out to destroy Britain with CO2 stupidity

Gordon Brown is another socialist leader using the AGW lie to cover his and other left-wing leaders bid for a one world global socialist government, they know it is their last chance to defeat capitalism.

The Prime Mentalist attempted to set the agenda for Copenhagen with his comical 50 days to save the world speech, he flew to Copenhagen 2 days early to try and broker the deal, fortunately as usual Brown failed.

The majority of UK voters post Climategate are not convinced by AGW, Brown then attempted to belittle anyone who does believe in Climate Change as flat earthers. So desperate to force through his hidden agenda and be perceived as a world statesman Brown then pledges the most money of any EU member state to give away to developing nations.

Yesterday Ed Miliband decided to declare war on AGW sceptics as he fears that Climate Change sceptics are undermining public support for the Church of Climatology. Brown and Miliband want their wealth redistribution scheme through at any price, and just how far the Government is prepared to go to achieve this end has been revealed by James Delingpole:

There is something very odd indeed about the statement by the Information Commission on its investigation into “Climategate”, the leak of emails from East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit. Gordon Smith, the deputy commissioner, confirms that the university’s refusal to answer legitimate inquiries made in 2007 and 2008 was an offence under S.77 of the Information Act. But he goes on to claim that the Commission is powerless to bring charges, thanks to a loophole in the law – “because the legislation requires action within six months of the offence taking place”.

Careful examination of the Act, however, shows that it says nothing whatever about a time limit. The Commission appears to be trying to confuse this with a provision of the Magistrates Act, that charges for an offence cannot be brought more than six months after it has been drawn to the authorities’ attention – not after it was committed. In this case, the Commission only became aware of the offence two months ago when the emails were leaked – showing that the small group of British and American scientists at the top of the IPCC were discussing with each other and with the university ways to break the law, not least by destroying evidence, an offence in itself.

Another whitewash coming from Labour with ranks closing to protect the wrong doers.

In 2007 Gordon Brown started his eco homes incentive by scrapping stamp duty on houses up to £500,000 that are carbon neutral, despite setting aside £15 million for the tax relief, to date only 24 houses have qualified, less than 1 house a month.

So few homes have qualified that ministers would not provide further details of the sums involved in case individual properties are identified as a result.

Grant Shapps, the shadow housing minister, who obtained the figures through a parliamentary answer, said: “Gordon Brown just can’t seem to stop himself from announcing grand schemes designed to do little other than grab that day’s headline.

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