Climategate – The BBC Now Deny Man Made Climate Change

The shrill voice of denial

A little over 48 hours ago BBC 2 Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark spoke the first words of heresy about Anthropogenic Global Warming, and gave a warming alarmist a very nasty surprise as well. Instead of the fawning easy ride of last week, Ms Wark let rip doing a passable impression of a parakeet from Edinburgh. So rough was the ride that the Guardian attacked the BBC for being AGW deniers.

One of the ways of spreading propaganda of any sort, is to disguise it as popular entertainment. This can be seen freuqently in the story lines in soap operas where after the program you are told that if you have effected by any of the scenes in real life you can call so and so. At the beginning of the year the BBC did a fairly lacklustre rehash of Day of the Triffids where AGW was blamed for the Triffids, to cut a long story short Aardvark complained to the BBC and got this response via email 4 days later.

Just one month later and things have changed at the Beeb, they have actually managed a U turn on AGW faster than Gordon Brown on yet another failed policy.

In the popular comedy show “Mock The Week” tonight there was a section where the panel were given the answer and had to guess the question.

The answer was 2035.

2035 is a number to be feared by warming alarmists, it has become the equivalent of 666, the Church of Climatology’s Beast.

The correct answer was given about the Himalayan Glaciers allegedly melting, they then described in the detail how Glaciergate came about. For a moment Aardvark thought they were reading the script from a denier’s blog.

The BBC were done yet denying AGW, skip forward 1 hour to Newsnight where sadly the brightly coloured Kirsty Wark was not presenting tonight, to a story about how the Climate Change scam is likely to bring down the Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong warmist regime in Australia. They even repeated Tony Abbot’s Climate Change is crap remark.

The BBC even showed a long clip on Lord Monckton ridiculing Al Gore!

The prominence of Australia in the implosion of AGW cannot be under estimated, the defeat of Rudd’s Green lunacy on the eve of Copenhagen and Climategate’s first political scalp have led the way in the unravelling of the Climate Change scam.

The abrupt change of policy at BBC about AGW is good news as it helps stop the spread of warming alarmist propaganda, but the real reasons are more likely to be self interest and based on past performance of the BBC, paying lip service until this Climate Denial thing blows over, then dust off the icons of Al Gore and resume worship at the Church of Climatology.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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