Climategate – Conservative Party 90% Dont Believe In Man Made Climate Change

On the Conservativehome blog yesterday were the first signs of the Conservative party starting to move away from the great AGW scam with this entry

Al Gore and his followers are losing the climate change debate

The nuance of the word followers is interesting, it clearly attempts to distance Al Gore and science from Climate Change, not an unreasonable thing to do given that Gore has no scientific qualifactions at all.

This is the first hint that one of the two major UK political parties is starting to drift away from the Church of Climatology. A recent survey of 200 Conservative PPC’s listed Climate Change as the lowest priority and the economy as the highest priority.

The latest poll for the BBC on man made Climate Change shows that the Conservative candidates are in tune with the voters mood.

The freshly cooling Guardian has this story today:

Most Conservative MPs, including at least six members of the shadow cabinet, are sceptical about their party’s continued focus on climate change policies, it has been claimed.

The recent furore around “Climategate” has hardened the views of Tory MPs, many of whom were already unconvinced by the scientific consensus, and has led to increasing calls for the issue to be pushed down the priority list.

Tim Montgomerie, founder and editor of the ConservativeHome website, said climate change had the potential to be as divisive for the party as Europe once was. “You have got 80% or 90% of the party just not signed up to this. No one minded at the beginning, but people are starting to realise this could be quite expensive, so opinion is hardening.”

Montgomerie said that while some MPs simply did not believe the science, others felt it would harm the economy too much to focus on policies to reduce emissions. “Some think, ‘What is the point in taking all these decisions if India and China and others row ahead?’ Nigel Lawson makes the point that 30% of Indian people have no electricity and the Indian government has to give that to them. The cheapest way to do that is fossil fuels.

The article also goes on to say that Climate Change has the potential to be as divisive as the EU to the Conservative Party, there is a good deal of truth in this, speaking personally Aardvark feels very strongly about this, and the EU as well.

David Cameron, if elected has a golden opportunity to the kill off the AGW scam very easily by writing it off as a crackpot wealth redistribution plot by a deeply unpopular Labour Government and backed up by fraudulent and sloppy science; quite simply the whole business of man made Climate Change needs to start again with a meticulous peer review process and no political agenda.

About Tory Aardvark

Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The world is slowly but surely waking up to the fact that they were taken in by a few unscrupolous men and women. As the old saying goes, ‘a ten times thief will be caught one day’
    Where are these liars going to hide as most of the rocks have been taken by terrorists.

  2. Perhaps the Tories are taking notice of the coments on their Blue Blog. They are in serious danger of losing votes to the UKIP or even the BNP if they don’t kill the climate change fraud stone dead soon.

  3. “crackpot wealth redistribution plot by a deeply unpopular Labour Government and backed up by fraudulent and sloppy science . . ”

    God that sounds good!

    I completely agree with you here – however when questioned on Marr this morning, my mate Will Hague seemed at pains to stress that the Tories did in fact subscribe to AGW.

    Hence, I’m not entirely sure what to expect with this. Thing with Cameron is he needs to get more radical – and this would provide the prefect opportunity to do so!

  4. Yes it would be much better for the country if the Tories came out whole heartedly against this climate change taxation nonsense.
    the problem of course is that it will be difficult to pay off the debts if we remove a lot of the climate change taxes. After all the motorist is one of money spinners for this profligate government.
    If the Tories could remove or reverse the fuel escalator then that would be a start.
    Fuel prices are at the core of practically every item that is sold. Reduce the price of fuel, reduces the price of the products that have to be transported to the shops.
    I would have thought that any party that said it was going to reduce fuel taxes would be on to a winner. Lets hope it will be the Tories.

    A very simple way to reduce fuel prices would be to place the VAT on fuel, on the fuel itself , and not on the taxes that are on the fuel. 500% fuel tax is way too high.

  5. trash climatechange and win the election. people are sick and tired of being treated like fools. its quite clear to the man on the street that it is one giant fraud. increasing snow and a bitterly cold winter a sign of global warming? do me a favour.

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