Guardian – Climate Action Must Be Rebuilt From The Ground Upwards

The Guardian is still finding it difficult to fully break away from Climate Religion as this article by Ian Katz shows.

Intended to be a “to do” list of what is needed to fill the pews in the Church of Climatology once again, it instead reads like a catalogue of disasters that destroyed man made Climate Change as a credible theory.

What a difference three months makes. Back in November, the world broadly agreed that emissions of carbon dioxide were heating up the planet and that we needed to do something about it, even if we couldn’t agree exactly what. And though we’d had the usual pre-summit rollercoaster ride of dire predictions and naive exhortations (yes, I plead guilty to some of those), even hardheaded types dared to hope that Copenhagen might produce the basis of a global climate treaty.

Now, with climate science under siege and climate politics in disarray, that sounds like the rhetoric of another age. The American commentator Walter Russell Mead recently captured the mood: “The global warming movement as we have known it is dead … basically, Sarah Palin 1, Al Gore zip.” A senior British diplomat compares those trying to secure global action on climate change post-Copenhagen to “small groups wandering in different directions around the battlefield like a beaten army”. A leading scientist offers an equally pithy assessment: “Everybody is completely clueless.”

Not depressed yet? This weekend a BBC poll showed a dramatic fall in the number of people who believe warming is happening; carbon markets have ­tumbled; a Guardian survey of over 30 leading figures involved in climate negotiations found almost none who believed a global deal was possible this year; in Australia a man who described climate change as “absolute crap” could soon be prime minister.

What went wrong? How long have you got: the leak of the “climategate” emails that showed scientists behaving just as tribally as their detractors, the ­Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s great ­glacier meltdown (enough “gates” for now), the abject failure of ­Copenhagen, Obama’s Massachusetts disaster and a bitterly cold winter in much of Europe and the US.

But many of us have been shocked to discover that some claims are based on research conducted by pressure groups, or even journalists.

Thats the problem with Religion, the warming alarmists were so desperate to believe, so desperate to redistribute wealth, so desperate to have something to be fearful of, then there are those that know it is all one giant scam with a hidden agenda, and the gullible sheep looking for a leader.

Finally, anyone who cares about this issue must fight to keep it alive. With Barack Obama embroiled in a domestic political battle, powerful advocates like Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown likely soon to exit the stage and European leaders notably reticent in Copenhagen, it is hard to see where the political leadership for a global deal will come from. So it may fall to civil society – to individuals, organisations and businesses – to pick up the baton. The choice remains the one described in that global editorial, only now the answer is likely to be decided by us.

Dont worry Katz we will fight to keep AGW dead where it belongs, then it can be taught to future generations as the prime example of what happens when science and religion conjoin.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. Climate change was a no starter from the beginning, although no hoper buffoon Al Gore tried to milk it for all it was worth, which is ZIP, ZERO. Tony Abbot, the opposition leader in Australia called it right when he said it was ‘absolute crap’ and yes, he will be our next Prime Minister. People are waking up to the truth, which is, that the main reason for this crap, is to move all our local manufacturing to India and China, the greatest polluters in the world.
    The church of climatology is nearly dead and so are the political careers of the clowns who tried to sell their countries for a song and a dance.

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