Climategate – Corus Redcar Steel Works The Price Of Gordon Brown’s Insane Climate Change Policies

Steel production ends at Redcar after 170 years

One of the topics on tonight’s Question Time was the last shift at Redcar Steel Works which is being moth balled by it’s owners Corus Tata.

There was a great deal of passion and anger about the closure of Redcar, the prospect must be frightening for members of the workforce in their 50’s; the chances of people in this age group ever getting another job are about the same as finding a snowflake in the Sahara.

The audience expressed anger about Gordon Brown’s lack of involvement in the closure, Mandelson further angered people with his visit today saying nothing can be done.

A number of reasons were cited and argued about as to why Corus could or not be helped, the EU was prime candidate for helping and not helping, there was no overall consensus on what aid the EU regulations permit or dont permit.

The real reason for the lack of Labour action to save Redcar is Brown and Ed Miliband’s blind adherence to the AGW lie and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

The real gain to Corus from stopping production at Redcar, however, is the saving it will make on its carbon allowances, allocated by the EU under its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). By ceasing to emit a potential six million tonnes of CO2 a year, Corus will benefit from carbon allowances which could soon, according to European Commission projections, be worth up to £600 million over the three years before current allocations expire.

But this is only half the story. In India, Corus’s owner, Tata, plans to increase steel production from 53 million tonnes to 124 million over the same period. By replacing inefficient old plants with new ones which emit only “European levels” of CO2, Tata could claim a further £600 million under the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism, which is operated by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change – the organisers of the Copenhagen conference.

Aardvark blogged that on December 14th, hat tip to the Daily Telegraph for the story.
Richard North at EU Referendum Not enough support? and Double your money! was on to this in early December.

The price of Brown’s AGW policies and desperate desire for wealth redistribution is 1700 British jobs which go to Indian workers and Tata pocket a cool £1.8 billion for destroying the lives of 1700 British families.

We all knew Brown’s “British jobs for British workers” was an unworkable lie because of the EU, but “British jobs for Indian workers” and a near £2 billion hand out for killing those British jobs is quite simply a total disgrace.

Selling your own country out for a one world socialist government that works against your own country, didn’t that used to be called treason?

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  1. I didn’t watch the show, but did listen to it while I was ripping up my bathroom floor.
    I did hear a very anti labour audience, which surprised me as the show was coming from labour heartlands.

  2. Time for brown to be shown the door. This is the man who replaced Tony Blair, what a joke he is, what an incompetent arsehole. Does’nt he realize that he has just put the last nail into his political coffin? Gosh!!! I just can’t believe that any man could be so insensitive and stupid.

  3. Aardvark I’m devastated by this, to put it mildly.

    People like Mandleson et al have absolutely no idea or understanding about the way communities like this are held together like glue by jobs like this.

    When the jobs go – so do the communities, and for places like Grangetown, Lazenby and Redcar – already pretty much on their knees -this is beyond outrageous.

    Typical of Labour though – 150 years of English history down the toilet without a 2nd thought.

    I’ve written about it here

    • I was very very sad to hear people on QT saying that people’s working lives were over in their mid 50’s becuase of this.

      I read your blog post earlier, good piece with a lot of feeling and understanding.

      Wealth redistribution is not only money, it’s also redistributing the tools and apparatus of wealth one of which is jobs.

      A strong Labour supporting area, voted for Blair, got Brown and for supporting Labour their jobs are destroyed so Brown, Mandelson, Miliband, Obama, Rudd et al can all get into bed with Chavez, Castro, Osama Bin Laden, Ethiopia and resdistribute the western world’s wealth.

      Labour have always reminded Aardvark of a kipper, 2 faced and no guts; giving 1700 jobs for an ideology really is a new low for a Government for whom pond life is a benchmark

  4. Aardvark blogged that on December 14th ….

    clever little you, copying out from The Telegraph and blogs … without mentioning them, and passing the work off as your own.

    Note the dates.

    • Richard

      Sorry if I have caused you any offence it was unintentional.

      I have always used italics to deliniate quotes from other people’s works, this is a standard through out the blog for all my own posts.

      The post I referred to I made on the Dec 14th quoted extensively from a Telegraph article which it links to.

      I do make every effort to mention the source, indeed you can find a number on here with things like hat tip to or more at

  5. I seem to have reached the limit elsewhere, so let’s start posting links here (unless you give me an email address)

  6. This farce is decades old and started after WWII

    The government have consistently increased taxes to pay of UK debts from WWII.
    It is the high tax that has killed British Industry.
    It is a vicous cycle, tax increases, business’ struggles and go bust, which means
    less business’ to tax, so tax goes up to compensate and so on.

    Until we get to today where:

    The UK is in £4.8 Trillion of debt, yet most MP’s dont even know this simple fact, or the difference between debt and defecit.
    Even with the current austerity cuts the borrwing/defecit this year will be in excess of 150 billion.

    Yet they waste it as like the gent above states!
    And what about the £8 billion given to an African nation by Gordon Brown a few year back to help their education system, what about our education system!

    The answer is simple, and could be easily implemented to reverse the downward spiral the UK is in.
    But none of the politicians or parties are smart enough or brave enough to do what is required, to scared they won’t get voted back in.


    First the government needs get the wealthy elite in the UK together at 10 downing.
    Research and develop business plans, then get them to buy back these core industries!
    Then drop taxes to 10% flat rate, this would significantly reduce production costs, hey presto world beating prices!

    Exports increase massively!
    Profits increase massively!
    Company value increases massively!

    And the Goverment actually gets considerably more tax revenue as a result!

    Loads of folk then have Jobs ( worthwhile jobs ) and government pays out far less dole/job seekers as a result.


    Power to the People!!!

  7. Your picture doesn’t even show A steelworks, let alone that of Redcar, where I live. Your ignorance and factual inaccuracies there and in this article’s content are a laughable insult to that community.

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