UK Drivers Ignore Warming Alarmists Message

Land Rover have increased sales 93% in 2009 Q4 over 2008 Q4

Land Rover sales of all models including the flagship Range Rover have defied the recession and in the final quarter of 2009, LR sold nearly double the number of vehicles it had in the final quarter of 2008.
Jaguar continues to woo the world with the brilliant Jaguar XF which has now won more than 50 awards, and then there is quite simply the best looking car in the world the XK.

Upgraded versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport and the new Discovery 4 have kept demand buoyant, while a new Freelander can now be bought for under £20k ensuring a steady stream of new customers for the entry level model.

Good news for British jobs and good news for export earnings, which always seem to be at odds with the message of the AGW alarmists,  social engineers and the self-appointed life style facists.

The success of LR is all the more amazing considering the recession and that virtually no money from the tax payer subsidising people’s new cars scrappage scheme ever came LR’s way.

The recent Global Warming snow has caused people to seriously rethink their choice of car.

One of the major players in car leasing has had a massive increase in customers looking for 4×4’s:

“Weeks of travel disruption and, in many cases simply being unable to get to work at all has made motorists despair and rethink their vehicle choice” says’s Richard Lawton

Gordon Brown and Labour have done their very best to kill off Jaguar Land Rover with policies like their VED duty hike, mostly U turned in the end but never the less penalising people for driving a certain type of vehicle for no other reason than back door tax grabbing and social engineering.

Why at a time of recession that has seen unemployment rise, would a government pursue a flawed religion Climate Change policies at the potential cost of even more British jobs?

SUV’s, 4WD, 4×4 have long been the target of eco mentalists who have been known to ask drivers if their vehicle choice was the correct one, Green web site after Green web site attacked the drivers of SUVs, the Ramblers tried to get SUV’s banned from Green Lanes and by ways. All for no good reason other than they had decided that SUV’s were bad and anyone who had one should be made to feel guilty for owing one. All spoken with the earnestness of an urban dwelling sandal wearing Guardian reader.

In one of those amusing twists of irony the Ramblers were up in arms last year about being banned from some areas because all the walkers were causing soil erosion and damage, as with all these shrill pressure groups they are happy to try and stop other people having fun but when it happens to them, all their toys and often the pram, fly like Nokia’s at No 10.

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Climate Realist, Conservative and proud NRA member. I don't buy into the Man Made Global Warming Scam, science is never settled. @ToryAardvark on Twitter ToryAardvark on Facebook

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  1. The change in weather patterns have got the global warming scaremongers running for cover. Did these buffoons actually believe that they could pull the wool over everyone eyes in this big, beautiful world? We have a saying in Australia which is ‘money talks, bullshit walks.’

  2. hope 4*4 sales go through the roof. that will mean that more and more people are realising that climate change(formerly known as global warming) is a massive fraud.

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