Bullygate Conservative Lead Doubles to 12% In Latest ICM Poll

The allegations of bullying against Gordon Brown have done immediate damage to Labour’s poll ratings with the Conservative leading doubling to 12%; Conservative Party Chairman Eric Pickles does counsel that people should wait for a trend to develop before drawing too many conclusions from this poll.

What does standout however is how fragile Brown’s support is, it takes weeks to start building up Labour’s poll standing and just hours to destroy it again as the floating voters flip back and forth; now is the time for David Cameron to strike.

Labour are on the back foot again and this time the opportunity for knock out blow must not be missed.

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  1. Great news, TA, and there will be a lot more to come out about Gordoom. 😉
    This story just keeps getting better by the day and may be the one that finally sinks him for good! 😀

  2. This is more encouraging! Rather depressed watching Sky News this morning – they were talking as if a hung p. was a done deal!

  3. Wasn’t this the YouGov poll that was wrong? I can’t find this anywhere else?

  4. Trouble with this is that tories are relying, for their poll results, on labour cock-ups. In between these all to frequent whoopsies their poll lead declines.

    Why? IMO it’s because they are not coming up with the types of policy that joe public can identify with, and are becoming far too left of centre with quite a few of their ideas. It’s as though they are afraid of the significant change that is needed, and whilst doing that labour and lib dem supporters see no reason to change.

    They will lose the GE on voter apathy not on opposition support.

  5. It was removed because it was wrong.

  6. Ahem. Let’s not break out the champagne. There are other polls around that show the lead has fallen so which one of these various, and notoriously inaccurate, polls should we believe?


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