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Climategate – Corus Redcar Steel Works The Price Of Gordon Brown’s Insane Climate Change Policies

Steel production ends at Redcar after 170 years

One of the topics on tonight’s Question Time was the last shift at Redcar Steel Works which is being moth balled by it’s owners Corus Tata.

There was a great deal of passion and anger about the closure of Redcar, the prospect must be frightening for members of the workforce in their 50’s; the chances of people in this age group ever getting another job are about the same as finding a snowflake in the Sahara.

The audience expressed anger about Gordon Brown’s lack of involvement in the closure, Mandelson further angered people with his visit today saying nothing can be done.

A number of reasons were cited and argued about as to why Corus could or not be helped, the EU was prime candidate for helping and not helping, there was no overall consensus on what aid the EU regulations permit or dont permit. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Yvo De Boer Unexpectedly Resigns

Yvo De Boer UN snakeoil salesman

More bad news for AGW alarmists as Yvo De Boer jumps ship in a sudden and unexpected resignation. De Boer will be stepping down in July.

So who will the UN choose next to keep pushing wealth redistribution and one world government?

Will there be many takers for the job of UN snakeoil salesman?

De Boer said that he was not quitting the key UN Framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC) post because the Copenhagen climate talks in December were widely seen as a failure. “We were about an inch away from a formal agreement. It was basically in our grasp, but it didn’t happen. So that was a pity,” he said.

But he was known to have been frustrated by the outcome, and doubtful whether anyone could steer through a major global agreement between wildly diverging rich and poor countries. Today he said hat the talks were “on track,” but that he was uncertain that a full treaty could be finalised this year.

De Boer is widely credited with raising AGW from just another environmental issue to the intergenerational global scam we see today top of the International agenda.

De Boer has been every bit as a complict in the AGW scam as the lying scientists, dishonest world leaders and the groups like Oxfam and WWF with a secret agenda of wealth resdistribution, and his departure is good news as it is yet another nail in the AGW liars coffin.

Meerkats Have Never Voted Labour

Harriet Harman Used Public Money For A Labour Party Rally

Deputy Labour Leader and repeatedly convicted traffic menace Harriet Harman has been caught out again, this time using tax payers money to fund her travel to a Labour Party rally in Exeter, seat of Ben Bradshaw, he of too many twits make a twat fame.

The real reason for Brown taking the Goats on the road, is really to try and rally Labour support in marginal constituences.

In a leaked letter from Ms Harman seen by The Times, she made plans to meet candidates, officials and trade unionists from across the South West region to discuss campaign strategy.

The letter, sent 12 days before the February 5 visit, said: “This will be a chance for me to hear directly from you as party members in a private meeting to talk about the issues and campaigning activity in the South West. It will be particularly helpful for me to hear from you in the run-up to the general election about the activities taking place in the area.”

Details of the meeting were not released to the press at the time.

Labour is vigorously defending the seat, held by Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, with a 8,559 majority over the Conservatives. Ed Balls used the same occasion to visit Plymouth, where Labour holds two seats. Read the rest of this entry

Barbie Has Never Voted Labour

Climategate – More AGW Alarmism From Oxfam About Tajikistan

For some people and organisations Climategate and the deeply flawed 2007 IPCC report never happened; Oxfam is a case in point.

One of Oxfams goal’s is to redistribute wealth and AGW was the golden goose of the redistributionists, so it’s hardly surprising that Oxfam are using old AGW lies in this latest piece of warming alarmism in the Guardian.

A report released today by Oxfam details fast-rising temperatures, melting glaciers in the Pamir mountains, increased disease, drought, landslides and food shortages. Temperatures plummeted to -20C for more than a month in 2008-09 – unheard of in what is, in places, a subtropical region – and temperatures in the south of the country near Afghanistan have risen several degrees above normal, said the report.

About 20% of the country’s 8,492 glaciers are in retreat and 30% more are likely to retreat or disappear by 2050, said Ilhomjon Rajabov, head of the state’s climate change department. The largest glacier, Fedchenko, has lost 44 sq km, or 6% of its volume, in the last 34 years. Read the rest of this entry

Yet Another Sad And Pathetic Labour Spoof Poster

Why did they bother?

The major problem with all left wing socialists and Labourites is they are bereft of any form of humour and irony is an anethma to them.

Scumgate on Twitter proves the point admirably. At the recent right wing bloggers do Aardvark attended, one of the topics under discussion was how you can’t debate with the left because all you get is sound bytes from Dear Leader and any form of disagreement blows the circuits of the brainwashed and they immediately resort to insults normally of a sexual nature.

As a frequent recipient of such slurs Aardvark is curious as to how a party that is supposed to be the party for the so called Pink Vote, so readily slips in to using homophobic allegations against political opponents. This has to be some kind of a double standard, which of course is what Labour is all about.

So for all you Labour supporters out there, what is the definition of the Labour Party:

The malicious leading the stupid.

If You Only Watch One Video Clip Today Watch This

Hat tip to Old Holborn for the tweet and Grumpy Old Twat for the video.

Twat is not a swear word apparently it’s just vulgar.

Gordon Brown Does Not Know The Difference Between A Pig And Sheep

The man who formed the Government of All Talents (Goats) does not know the difference between pigs and sheep, as was demonstrated on the Labour Party Political Broadcast Piers Morgan show.

Brown claimed to have been given a roasted pig as a gift by a Middle Eastern government but which one?

Aardvark was under the impression that all Middle Eastern governments were either Muslim or Jewish neither of which will have anything to do with pigs on religious grounds.

Brown has come in for a good deal of criticism for the statement from various Middle Eastern governments , Downing Street has since confirmed it was a sheep Brown was given.

Aardvark has this advice for Gordon Brown:

Your pigs can easily be identified here are some examples: Harriet Harman, Jacqui Smith, Margaret Beckett, Hazel Blears and your sheep are the ones who ask loaded questions at PMQ’s.

Simple and not one foreign government insulted.

Climategate – IPCC Under Fire At The BBC

Brillo grills Professor Robert Watson Chief Scientist at the DoE about the IPCC’s infamous 2007 report.

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