Climategate – Phil Jones At The Commons Science and Technology Committee

Discredited former head of the CRU Phil Jones was giving evidence at the Commons Science and Technology Committee yesterday, also giving evidence were representatives of the Institute of Physics who are none to happy with the Climategate goings on at the CRU.

The Institute of Physics has this to say: ‘Unless the disclosed emails are proved to be forgeries or adaptations, worrying implications arise for the integrity of scientific research and for the credibility of the scientific method”
“The principle that scientists should be willing to expose their results to independent testing and replication by others, which requires the open exchange of data, procedures and materials, is vital.”

Jones did look shaken on the video clips that Aardvark has seen, afterall it’s not that often a warming alarmist finds themselves on the defensive with their dangly bits on the barbecue.

Last month, the Information Commissioner ruled the CRU had broken Freedom of Information rules by refusing to hand over raw data.

But yesterday Professor Jones – in his first public appearance since the scandal broke – denied manipulating the figures.
Looking pale and clasping his shaking hands in front of him, he told MPs: ‘I have obviously written some pretty awful emails.
He admitted withholding data about global temperatures but said the information was publicly available from American websites

As the predicitons for Global Armageddon were all based on the same data, albeit according to Jones interpreted differently there is a common flaw to all these predictions:

Consider a non-scientific parallel. If a news agency mistakenly reports that Generalissimo Fascisti Bastardo, dictator of the Latin American state of Paraquat, has been overthrown, the media will place different interpretations upon it. The Guardian will celebrate the fall of a fascist dictatorship; the Telegraph will fret that Marxists may have taken over; and the FT will express concern about the effects on the copper market. When, within hours, it emerges the report is mistaken and the dictator is still in power, all three interpretations will be proved equally wrong – because the raw data, the agency report, was an error.

So, if the good old CRU at East Anglia has been churning out garbage, there is no way of building a firewall between it and the other organisations on which the IPCC relies: they all go down together. And down they are going, beyond peradventure. It is a changed world from Copenhagen. Even leaving aside the discrediting of the AGW scam, the $45 trillion Danegeld to carbon companies is no longer going to materialise, since Barack Obama’s Cap and Trade (cap and bells, more like) ploy is already in the Congressional garbage can, as a consequence of his becoming a lame-duck president since the Massachusetts election.

Hat tip to Gerald Warner for the story.

Best bit for Aardvark in Gerald Warner’s story is that the University of East Anglia now want money to investigate the Mediaeval Warm Period, which prior to Climategate never happedend for Jones, Mann, Pachauri and Gore.

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  1. Although these scoundrels have been caught out and their deception has been exposed, yet, there are governments not prepared to acknowlegde that they were duped by these men. Take Penny Pingpong for example, she is still going full steam ahead. It appears that once these people get the scent of easy money, they do not give up without a fight.

    • chicken and egg situation here in this fraud and hoax, although I am inclined to think it’s the politicians twisting the arms of the “scientists”

  2. Well they have been conned haven’t they, spending millions
    of pounds on climate research, to prove that Cap & Trade or ETS emissions will be warranted, until they got to Copenhagen and read the small print. Then they rethought.

    Now all those governments, Goldman Sachs, Al Gore, TERI
    and Dr Pachauri have put millions and possibly billions into
    Carbon Credit Trading, or so much in clean energy, as if there is any. That are losing value as we speak.
    How many of those countries wanting to sign the pact to
    defraud developed countries citizens have already invested
    in CCT hoping to make a killing. And the BBC investing their
    pension fund in CCTs.

    Solution: Make the buggars pay – the EU is in trouble and they have found their cap & trade doesn’t work well and is costly. Denmark banks collapsing. And Wind turbines kill the birds and wildlife and if there is too strong a wind, they break down – too little wind and they don’t work. I know this how can’t so called informed politicians and scientist?

    And CO2 emissions don’t change the global climate, or cause sea levels to rise, etc. The world is in a mess because of these schaisters, and I don’t think the CCT investors are going to cop losing money, do you?

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